I discovered this shop in Guangzhou when i went over for meeting on Friday. I fell in love with it. It is just like Muji but this is a China brand. Instead of mostly grey, it uses lime green as its colour. The design are simple, clean cut and functional.

I purchased a travel digital weighing machine, a double wall tea bottle and a pill box. If i have capital, this is exactly the kind of shop i would love to open after i fell in love with the Muji concept.


Anthony Weiner … my fantasy

He just resigned from congress. He claims not to have had any physical contact or relationship with any of the girls he messaged or sent his photos to. But those were damn hot chat and photos. To add on, his wife just announced that she is pregnant before the scandal broke out. Frankly, i think many of us do live a fantasy life online. I think it is quite a hypocrisy to expect any of the public figures to be any different. Nevertheless, i doubt the expectations will change anytime soon. So just like websites getting hacked, sex scandals from politicians will not be stopping any time soon.

3mins ahead

You know how some of us always set our watches and clocks 5 mins earlier or more? Well this clock is cool in that it makes use of how our brain and eyes work by focusing on the tip of the clock hands. So first impression when we look at the clock is the end of the hand and it will read 3mins ahead. In away we know it is ahead, and we subconsciously know by how much but we still register the time ahead.

Safari Tips … Reader to PDF

You most likely know about the Reader feature in Safari. On some webpages, there is a Reader function that will display your complicated ad ridden webpage in a simple to read format minus all other distractions.

Did you know that you can Print  to PDF from this view and have an article only PDF of the site for storage and reading? This is good for transferring to iPAD for reading as well.  Try it out and you will be amazed.

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