jonathan iveif you do not know who jonathan ive is, you should know who he is standing next to.  that is steve jobs, the famous apple guy.  and jonathan ive is the guy credited to the fabulous apple products over the years.  but never never have i thot he is such a HOTTIE.  boi and isnt he like the perfect physic for a bear lover or non-bear lover.  catering to a wide market. unfortunately he is happily married man.  not that it makes much differences or make him any less hot.oh boy boy boy … my lastest pin up. 

hilom … the experience

hilom …<p> the experience (click to see the enlarged image)

 just updated the hilom website at . i really like the new design … lol … ok that is a bit narcissist since i designed it.  of course having my 2 favourite men on the design now helps too.  although one of them might get jealous and make me remove the other pic.  ha ha ha.  oh in case you wondering why is there a blank white patch on the bottom right … that is meant for words … check out the website to see it.  

will be travelling to guanzhou, beijing, shanghai and hong kong later today until 21 dec. it is going to be a super hectic next 3 months for me.  so cannot guarantee regular updates.  but this this is a new blog, and i do want to retain the few readers that i have … will try my best to keep it updated.  it will help if i get more comments and feedback.  😛

pebble in the garden vs star in the sky

modelnaturalnice smilecool model

 not sure about you guys but i find the natural, cute warm smile, boy next door more appealing than the model, studio and lights photos.  model pics gives the feeling of like lusting over a movie star, out of reach.  but boy next door pics gives the illusion that they are just your friends, colleagues, guys you meet on the bus, and the possibility that may be one day, he might just smile at you.

hilom guys

hilom bunchimg_9649.JPG

we have got photos of the therapists.  thanks to our professional photographer friend david fabros who spent the whole day taking photos of the place at hilom and the therapists.  will be updating the private gallery of hilom later.  in the mean time, here is a preview for you guys. to encourage comments here … if you want to access the private gallery of hilom you would have to email  click more to see the full size pics

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high tech dog tag for the butch geeky gay

dog tag bluetoothdog tag

you know how the butch guys like to wear the dog tag to appear like there are in the army or as a fashion accessory?  well trust jabra to come up with the BT3030 (they really need someone to help them with the marketing and branding …. to come up with a better naming).  this bluetooth headset is designed to look just like a dog tag.  wow imagine wearing this to the gym (gay temple) or to a dance club (topless) with the headphones in the ears.  screams gay, geek and gorgeous.

suspend your believe

wow … this is cool.

“It’s a bottle full of magic liquid that’s said to be able to actually forecast the weather.

The liquid has certain properties that create various types of crystals that correspond with approaching weather. For instance, if the liquid takes on a milky appearance, it will soon rain. If the liquid’s clear, that predicts nice weather ahead, and fern-shaped crystals predict windy weather.

Its makers say it was “discovered hundreds of years ago by the early alchemists,” but we’re at a loss to figure out how this $110 tube of goo works, if it does at all. If it doesn’t, at least it can be a fascinating conversation piece, and also amaze you with its growth of various weird-looking crystals.” …. from

clock for the butch

mechanical clockif you have a thing for the butch mechanic, hands on kind of guy, then this is the kind of clock to get the butch mechanic interested. trust me … cause my bf was a senior designer mechanical engineer and he would just go gaga over a gadget like this.

do leave your footprints


(click on thumbnails for bigger pic)


am rather busy these few days.  will just do some token photo uploads.  nothing much to say for now.  just hope for those of you who visit this site do give more comments.  so that at least i know i have readers. 

apples apples apples

remote applesbet you have no idea what this is.   the round green thing is an apple shaped remote control.  it is on the white recharging bowl.  the latest in wireless recharging similar to the electric toothbrush.the cool thing is the whole design and concept.  oh did i mention it is a concept design. 

gay men’s straight (wrinkle free) dream

isnt this the gay man’s dream come through. a machine that will automatically de-wrinkle everything, from shirts, pants to towels and bed sheets. “Unlike competing products that promise to dewrinkle clothes but still require ironing, this one supposedly takes the process a crucial step further. “The dryer and iron combo works so cleverly that when clothes and laundry are removed from the machine they have no wrinkles or creases,” according to Appliancist.” read more about it here

early morning wood



been waking up with early morning high as far as i can remember.  may be that is the reason why i shower in the morning and not before i sleep.  as age catches up i am sleeping less at night and waking up earlier.  i get sleepy in the day or evening.  hmmm sound like reverting back to being a baby.  well i have had my fantasy with my morning wood.  feeling tired but relieved now.  have to get ready for work.  sigh. 

asians vs western

(click image to see enlarged pic)
something for everyone.  be it a nice smile, cute face, sexy in jeans or boxer.  i used to have a thing for western guys.  for some reason i felt they were more manly, straight acting and masculine as compared to asians who bat on my team.  but as i grow older, i started to see the appeal in asians.  the similar culture and thinking.  the more pleasant body odour.  the fact that i am stuck in asia where there are plenty more asians as compared to caucasians.  slowly the illusion and hollywood brain wash crumbles.  i have also recently started to enjoy watching korean romance movies and the sexy korean singers like rain.  they have all this super male chauvinistic attitude, that are so so so cute.  if you are into the super Male Chauvinistic Pig (MCP) type (meaning if you are a submissive fantasising bottom like me) … try watching My Tutor Friend … see pics of the lead actor when you click more  Continue reading asians vs western

william_hunk.jpggetting ready for my half marathon.  will take some pictures and video and post it here of any interesting participants.also bought the latest Jabra headset BT8040.  not exactly very good product naming strategy but so far is a very good product.  will give me review here as well. (click on image for bigger view) 

asian men 4 men, mac 4 asian men