merry xmas


am working in siberia (cyberjaya) this holiday season. well nothing much for me to celebrate and not much of a party person … not that i will get invited to any parties in sg. since i have been procrastinating through out the year and biting off more than i can chew, i thot it would be a good idea as well to work my butt off this last week of the year (to make up for all my idling the whole year) and start the new year off with less burden.

merry xmas, happy new year.

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arron kwok the fighter


ok i think i may have too many pinoy hunks.  incase you readers think this is a pinoy blog, i should start putting some other hunks here as well.  let me start with the super hunky arron kwok.  when he first started off i find him the most gay of all the heavenly kings but in recent years he has taken up some fighter roles in movies and really really buff up his body … not to mentioned being the poster boy for one gym.  click on the above icons to see the larger pics.


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work work work …. will be working over the holidays. any case nothing much for me to do since i am in long distance relationship and not that many friends to just hang around with … actually i do have … just … lazy to. relax at home, chat online, fantasize look at cute guys.

i so want these.  i have the nike+ and using it with 1st gen nano.  am so tempted to updated to a new nano and get the nike amp.  it is a watch and remote for the nano with nike+.



more photos here

amazing male factor race

sg teamind teamph teamhost

unfortunately i have been too busy working lately and not to mention that i dont have cable so not able to catch the asian amazing race season 2.  oh … but i used to leave near the hunk host allen wu, and occasionally i would see him jogging without his shirt and pushing his baby in a pram.  that body is to die for … i can imagine how fortunate his wife is.

besides allen, marc … marc marc … need i say more … will have another post of just his photos.

then … this this baldie … i have a thing for baldie … not that i am turn on by them … just that i am one of them.  isnt this guy baldie from indonesia a cutie?


young, fit, cute … and he looks like my very first boss …. a very intelligent guy who is also very male chauvinistic traditional chinese attitudes towards girls and damn sexy.  well i am in shanghai now …. too bad the winter is keeping me indoors not to mention the amount of work i have piled up.

asian men 4 men, mac 4 asian men