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dbiat.jpgAge: 32
Job: civil servant
Height: 1.68m
Weight: 61kg

How did you get into dragonboat racing?

I’m very much into water sports. So when a friend asked me to try dragonboating, I did. I picked it up relatively fast.

What is a dragonboat training session like?

Boat rowing is an important aspect, but we top it up with runs, weights, circuits, still water rowing and more to make training more complete. Many of us also cross-train in other sports to keep our fitness level up. My motto is: No pain, no gain.

What is the best part of dragonboat training?

Knowing that all members in the team have put in their best during training and hanging out together for a good meal.

What are some of the other sports that you do?

Swimming, running, scuba diving, wakeboarding, beach volleyball, biathlon and canoeing.

What is your diet like?

My breakfast consists of carbohydrates like light pastries and bread, eggs and Milo. I don’t usually have lunch, but snack on fruit and energy bars. Dinner is usually white meat like chicken and fish with vegetables. I try to stay away from fried and oily food. I may eat KFC and indulge in a buffet meal once in awhile. I also love desserts and ice cream.

wii – eeeeee

those of you who think a wii is another name for your little brother then you are reading the wrong blog. but if you are like the many who wanted to get a wii but cant find one or cannot bear to pay an over price for it, then this is another reason to wait and eventually still pay for it. while i cannot publicly endorse hacking or mod, but news has it that the wii has been more fully “modded”. allowing you to backup your games and potentially homebrew applications. the wii and wiimode is really a very revolutionary device, much like iphone, i think we will all look back at 2007 as the year these 2 devices started to change the world of electronics and gadgets.

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st_life_1_current_item29.jpg lastest osim chair to suck your money. costing over 7 grand, it makes you feel like you are sitting in first class SIA. of course it comes with massage (albeit mechanically), sound and light to help you relax. frankly for that amount of money i rather invest in a jacuzzi in my bedroom with lights, piped in music and a LCD screen for movies and porn.

more dog tag goodness

strictly speaking this is not a dog tag. just the lastest visa card in korea. besides being wireless, meaning you can just wave it to make payment, you can also plug it into the computer via usb to make internet payment. no credit card number or csv to remember. but the main reason why i am blogging about it ….. cause it looks cool worn around the neck … although the visa logo can be better improved to fit the design.

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keyboard of the future


Art Lebedev Studio today prototyped a keyboard design that could stand in as a completely flexible display. The Optimus Tactus would improve on the yet to be shipped Maximus keyboard with touch input; instead of an OLED screen built into a bank of traditional keys, the Tactus would use one giant touchscreen: the design would not only permit keys to change in size and function but would also allow features that have previously been impossible on keyboards, such as a video playback overlay.The Tactus is still considered a concept and may not translate as-is to any potential products, but shares a similar layout to the Maximus and may serve as the blueprint for the studio’s long-term development of touchscreen-based input devices.


new mac laptop and movie rental

well i have been looking forward to MacWorld on 15 Jan and my trip to Japan the following week hoping that i can get the new rumored laptop from apple. apple has confirmed a new laptop will be announced although in what form and what specs is unknown. in addition, seems like there will be video rental for itunes and apple tv. hmmmm. unfortunately i am most likely in the thick of the jungle or half buried in the sand during the MacWorld as i will be serving my national service.

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crystal island … work biggest building

“Christmas may be over, but if designer Sir Norman Foster has his way, everyone in Moscow will be staring at a 1500ft tall, 27 million square foot, $4 billion dollar Christmas tree every day of the year. The structure, dubbed “Crystal Island” is being described as a “city within a building” and will feature 900 apartments, 3000 hotel rooms, an international school for 500 students, cinemas, a theater, a sports complex and more.” quote gizmodo site.

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fingerscan biometric

This Sequiam Biometrics BioVault 2.0 is officially endorsed by the NRA as a biometric gun-safety device. Cool and futuristic. For guys with secrets. Like closetted me to hide my dildo so that my mum wont be able to find it. No need to remember passwords. Just your finger to open it. This biometric thing is really catching one. Citibank has a credit card that allows you to pay by fingerscan without even taking out your card. Immigration is by fingerscan for Singaporeans. And it is very common in laptops. The apartment i am staying at in Cyberjaya …. also has a door entry system using fingerscan … installed by my bro in law. I also did a system for a secondary school in Singapore that tracks students entering and leaving the school via fingerscan.

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simple but works

too many men and their bare body. need to add some tech and design news. i have a penchant for simple, elegant and just works kind of design. like the paper clip.

this multi power plug i feel falls into that category. what it helps to achieve is for you to be able to unplug the cord with just one hand. it uses a level concept to unplug it out for you.

new crush … brett from amazing race 2

a friend posted a msg on my blog saying that brett took off his shirt, and i was scanning through all the 3 episodes and cant find it. well i added more pics. he is really nice. masculine but super sensitive to his gf. did not scold her or shout at her and was all nice although disappointed when lost. oh super nice guy but yet does not give you the feeling that he over does it and is a wimp type.

new crush … brett from amazing race 2

you have to watch amazing race to feel the sexiness of this guy. i wanted to watch for marc nelson at first but when i saw this guy he is like smoking hot. he is nice and tender to his girlfriend but show no wimpiness. can tell he is all man. love the accent and the way he talks. god and what a smile!!!!! he is like 26 (his gf is 28) chinese-aussie physio therapist!

the most unfortunate is that he was eliminated in the 3rd show. way too early … good things are always in few supply.

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hunky @ hilom

am just so in love with gardo. one of the therapist in hilom (massage center specialist for men in manila). if you have a fantasy about straight manly masculine men, he is what fuels these fantasy. check him out if you are near by hilom in manila, QC area.

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korean policemen?

found this photo on the web and the title was korean policmen. hmmm nice … i have always had a thing for korean men. love the way they are more conservative and dominant when treating woman … meaning i being the woman for them. somehow the balance of power and control between top and bottom (man and woman) vs freedom and respect has always been complicated.

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