baked idea

Podravka, a European food company, recently received their annual
report from the folks at Bruketa & Zinic, but all the pages were
blank—until the book was baked. Yes, those clever fellows at Bruketa
& Zini? put together an annual report that was laced with
thermo-reactive ink. The initially blank pages displayed text once the
book had been covered in foil and baked for 25 minutes at 100°C. The
report was titled, Well Done, and we could not have thought of a better
pun if you held us upside down over an alligator pit and tickled us
with a fluffy feather, but it wasn’t done for just humor’s sake.

included recipe sections received the same treatment. When quizzed
about the strange collaboration between book and oven, the creators
said the recipes were works that required diligence and precision; to
get to those very recipes the potential chefs require due precision—a
Darwinian selection mechanism, if you will.  [dezeen via gizmodo]

good morning mon!


rise and shine.  is a brand new week … last few days of the first month of 2008.  also the last few days of the cow/bull/ox year.  still going to be a working year.  have 7 more months to go before i hit 35.  while i am still below 35, can i tone up my body, get my work and finances in order?

we shall see.

gold plated mp3 player for the rat year

In honor of the year of the rat and Chinese New Year (Feb. 7), iRiver’s coating their rat/mouse-shaped Mplayer
in gold. This seems like it’s real gold, seeing as each one is
individually numbered and comes in a limited edition box. However, it’s
only available in China, which means you’re going to have to get your
Disney-inspired rat MP3 player imported if you want in on the rat
action. [iRiver Fans via the mp3 players thru Gizmodo]

inspiration sunday


wonder how many weekend warriors are there.  those of us who just work out on weekends.  feel the inspiration to move the limbs a bit and break out some sweat.  have lots of work to catch up still but i think i better put in some mins in the gym.  i know a bod like the one here is not possible for me.  that is what … 0% fat?  oh well.

iphone update

i got my iphone OTB 1.1.2 working with chineseSIM adaptor.  then last night i upgraded it to 1.1.3 and everything went smoothly.  some 3rd party apps not working like summerboard.  but phone calls, youtube, internet and even patched the caller ID.  am happy with it now.

thin as air

spotted in japan, macbook air.  it actually looks thinner than i thot in this picture.  while i know there is a bit of an illusion built in because they made the edges thinner …. down to 0.17″ but in the middle it is about 0.7″.  oh … am going to be so torn whether to get it or not.  especially since rumours of a more powerful macbook pro is coming out soon.

sunday times hotbot

25, SMU student

Weight: 69kg

Exercise regimen: I try to hit the gym three times a week. The first half of my gym sessions consists of weights training, working on two or three muscle groups each time.

Since I’m trying to gain a bit of mass, my routine typically consists of lifting heavy weights, three or four sets of about 10 repetitions for each muscle.

I usually end each session with a 5km run or a 20km cycle. I attend muay thai classes once every week and play soccer every Sunday morning.

Diet: I don’t adhere to a healthy diet regimen, as I believe that as long as I eat in moderation, no food is too unhealthy for consumption.

I try to take five meals each day, instead of three huge meals, as the body digests better this way. I usually take high-protein food after weight training to aid muscle recovery.

Breakfast is the most important meal for me. I try to have my dinner before 9pm. Fruits are good. I try to avoid alcohol.

sun morning inspiration


sunday times hot bot is not out yet …. so i thot i put some other inspiration on prior to my sunday run.  have not been exercising since my half marathon in early dec.  excluding the hard construction work during my 2 weeks of military service that is.

cool clock

very interesting design and concept. i can only assume there is some mechanism at the conical bulb that will rotate a weight making the whole dial rotate based on the time. instead of numbers the text on the edge are a bit descriptive like “then it will also become ten, and inevitably, you think its eleven, but then you will realise it is twelve …”

new design tag

i have added a new design tag. cause i realise i like to highlight new creative and elegant design ideas as well. had been mostly putting it under the tech tag but thot a new tag is more appropriate. this low-cost attic staircase was built out of stacked pine boxes, filling a space too narrow for regular steps. plenty steep but damned cool.

yoga man


just got back from my military service last night. still feeling a bit tired. but am still inspired to work hard this year to achieve a lean fit body. i hope to really do yoga more often, run and gym. will see what i can get myself to do today.

hdr photo

can you imagine this is an actual photo.  a HDR photo.  what HDR means that you take multiple photos of the scene at different exposures.  this will allow you to capture a High Dynamic Range of exposures.  meaning in some scenes some colour and details are only captured at high exposure but resulting in other areas being over exposed.  so by combining all these various pictures you are able to get photos that cover all the ranges.  check out flickr for more HDR pictures.  there are damn beautiful. 

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time capsule

oh at first i didnt think much about this when i read about it.  but when i found more details, it is actually a full airport extreme with harddisk built in.  i have always wanted to get an airport extreme and also upgrade my external harddisk.  while i have all the functions now in different equipments (linksys wifi router and a M9 external harddisk).  the good thing about this is that i would then only need one thin and good looking device using only one power point.  less cables, less power point plugs, less devices.

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macbook air

MACBOOK air … thinnovation

a beauty. some critics say it compromises on some things like number of usb ports, firewire ports etc, but i think it is a matter of priorities. apple has chosen to go simple, take away what they feel is the 20% requirements and put in the 80% preference. comparing having a separate keyboard and screen for the ultra mobile vs having a multi-USB port hub, i think apple might have gotten it right. they do it differently and people at first might not think it is a good choice but it might surprises people and proof them wrong. i seriously comtemplating changing to the air from pro. not sure if it is an upgrade, but my macbook pro is first gen and only a core duo. looking forward to traveling with air. :)

sundaytimes hotbod

st_images_fit13m.jpg20, student

Height: 1.70m

Weight: 56kg

Exercise regimen: Cardiovascular fitness is important to me. I run 10km twice a week. I also run up and down 25-storey buildings once a week, thrice per session. I always stretch before exercise to avoid injury.

In the gym, I work most muscle groups. But I focus on the chest and abdominal muscles, because they are visually prominent. I go for moderate resistance exercise with longer repetitions for muscular endurance. I also do 40 chin-ups at one go daily.

Diet: I always eat a full breakfast, such as grains with milk, as I believe it is the most important meal of the day. Although I exercise quite a lot, I avoid eating excessive carbohydrates. Protein is important for muscle repair, so I take lean meat such as steamed fish.

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hot hot men …. lots of them


am serving my national service these 2 weeks.  thus i am back in the army camp with lots and lots of men.  when you put that many men together, given the natural selection, there are bound to be many hot men.  cute masculine and hot. although mostly married since they are all around my age.  in addition, since it is inconvenient to masturbate, makes me more horny and make them more attractive.

asian men 4 men, mac 4 asian men