still the earliest at 10.30am


was still the earliest in office yesterday at 10.30am.  he he he … nice place to work isnt it.  was the last to leave at about 5.30pm yesterday.  bet no one is going today, which officially is half day.  i took leave though.  going manila tonight.  hope to go jogging at 6am, do some work at home (although i am on leave) and pack the house for chinese new year.

happy rat year to everyone out there.

late for work … or am i?

i thot i was late yesterday … reaching office just after 10am.  but surprise surprise, in my department i think i was the first to arrive.  granted i set very bad examples as one of the senior manager, even the newly recruited junior analyst was not there yet.  so it is 9.50 now and i am still on my bed …. if i go any later i might as well drive.

frustrating day with the iphone


very frustrating day i had with the iphones.  actually it was the weekend.  but lucky i have a nice guy accompany on some of the occasion since it was partly his iphone that started the problems.  was happy with mine until i start meddling around with it.

now i am back to 1.1.2 cause 1.1.3 started to have problems between 2 camps.  any case long story … just know it frustrated me out.

children of 2 men?

Shaitan Apistos writes “British scientists have discovered a way to
turn female bone marrow into sperm, allowing women to reproduce without
the need of male companionship. All children born of this method would
be female, due the lack Y chromosomes, and there is high chance of
birth defects. Eggs also can be created from male bone marrow, but men
looking to reproduce would still need to find a surrogate mother to
handle the gestation period. I’d like to take a moment to welcome our
new amazonian overlords and remind them that men are still very good at
mowing lawns and fixing cars.”

so technically 2 men, one give sperm, the other from bone marrow convert to egg, then find a surrogate mother and you get an offspring with the genes of the 2 dads.  should not be too difficult to develop an artificial womb next.  boy are the science fiction and movie writers going to get a field time developing on this.  wont be science fiction then.

sexy hint of hair


i have always felt the hint of hair at the armpit and the navel to be damn sexy.  need not be full blown jungle.  but a smooth armpit and limbs and everywhere has a bit of sexiness but lack the natural masculinity look.  speaking as a submissive bottom, the well groomed, but with hint of hair and strong masculinity is supper sexy.

work hard!!!! and be rewarded


although i took up this new job with the knowledge that i will not get any increment or bonus for the next 15 months, yesterday my boss told me that they are impressed with my performance and will be putting in a request for increment for me … effective 5 months after starting work.  was so happy i had 3 full meals yesterday and worked till 7pm.

i was already feeling a bit of the strain lately from all the work i have and still outstanding.  official, moonlighting and private (  but it is nice to be recognized.  works better than a break.  any case am looking forward to my manila trip next week where i will be going whale shark watching with my better half.  just thinking about it makes me want to work hard these few days and clear as much backlog as i have.

so …. any time left for exercise?  am glad i didnt put much weight on recently.  but if i continue to eat like yesterday i dont think i can maintain especially with the low level of physical work i am doing.

we will see ….

waterproof mobile with 5 mb camera

very soon there will be no more need to carry a separate camera and phone or a water proof bag to store these items when you go to the beach.  all that hot bods in tiny trunks begging to be photographed.  this is casio’s waterproof mobile phone.

5.1 megapixel camera with self-timer button
35mm wide-angle lens
8x digital zoom
18.9 mm thick
2.7 inches wide QVGA high resolution LCD
Mobile English dictionary
Voice commands
Micro SD card slot
132 grams
320 hours standby
220 mins talk time
Earthquake warning system
Nabi disaster evacuation function
Calorie counter
Adelie Penguin anime story
Distance measurement

asian men 4 men, mac 4 asian men