exercise for that bod

I may have lost 20 lbs in the last 4 months, but the spare tire around my waist is still there and i don’t look any where near defined or toned. On top of that, the month of Nov was almost a complete break for me with only 3 serious runs logged. As such i have to skip my Dec Singapore stand chart run.

Well, i am feeling better now. I should restart my engine. Get back on the track and do my run. Will hope to also kick start my gym and weights  training as jogging alone will not give me the toned body. Hope the december holiday will not affect my training much. Actually it should be a lifestyle.

Will see if i am successful or not by next summer.

Werewolves are hot!

If there is a take away from modern pop culture shows about supernatural creatures, it is this, werewolves are hot. Twilight has Jacob (Taylor Lautner), True Blood has Alcide (Joe Manganellio) and Vampire Diaries has Mason (Taylor Kinney) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) Lockwood. All fine male specimens.

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Sunny Sun

Unfortunately i am recovering from a cough and mild fever. Have not run for 4 days already. Tempted to just do a short run today.

Just love a manly hairy chested wolf. Throw in an alpha aptitude and i am smitten.

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