korean wave

have always felt korean men are more dominant, rough in the manly way and love the way the treat their woman …. like dirt that is.  just watch the korean dramas and you will see how the men would grab the woman’s hand to stop her from going, how he would talk to her and expect her to be submissive to him.  isnt that a dream come through? 

impressed with apple’s delivery

i just ordered the superdrive for my macbook air today while at work.  it says 2 to 3 days delivery.  so imagine my surprised when i reached home at 9pm and see a box sitting on the table.  my superdrive!  the unboxing of the superdrive was an even more impressive experienced as compared to the macbook air itself.  it is super sleek and the box is just … what can i say …. apple designed.  now … the only reason why i didnt order the Time Capsule was due to the long delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks.  wonder if i should …. 

a quick review. no buttons just a slab of aluminum. it will not work on any other PC or mac because it uses a special USB port that draws enough power from the special MBA usb port. i tried it on my usb hub or a powered hub also does not work. as it has only one usb port, that means i cannot directly rip from dvd to my external drive or to write data from my external drive into the dvd.

lee hom, unshirted


he is seldom seen or photographed without his shirt.  but what a good bod.  for those of you not familiar, he is a ABC with a degree in music i think. very talented singer and composer. he has often played the violine or the piano live in concert. never really having the hunky look, but check out his boxing MTV in youtube below.

who doesnt have porn on laptop

i have lots of it … but apparently if you are going to australia, you better remove the porn first or risked being fined or jailed.  according to the news, 3 singaporeans, one of them a SIA pilot was fined for bringing restricted material into the country.  and that restricted material is porn.  some of it he claims were emails sent to him by his friends which he has not cleared.  is australia beginning to sound more like a police state that singapore?

what is man? Joseph-Chang

(very very good and funny play … 8 out of 10) 
whatisman.jpg just saw the play at the esplanade last night.  at first i was worried that it was going to be one of those ultra modern play with mixed media, lights and video that makes it too … much like techno house music.  have always been more a song kind of man.any case i was very impressed with the performance and the whole play.  although second half was a bit draggy.  it was a damn funny play and the 3 girls were really funny too.  not to mention 9 yes 9 hot men.  one of which is Joseph chang of eternal summer fame.  ohhhh he is just so cute and man and adorable.  too bad it was only showing for 2 days.  

sunday times hotbot, 51 and still fighting strong and sexy

51, Assurance Inspector

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 65kg

Exercise regimen: I jog by the beach twice a week, alternating between 30-minute and one-hour jogs. After my jogs, I do three sets of sit-ups and pull-ups. Each set consists of 15 pull-ups and 30 sit-ups.

I also do indoor climbing three times a week with my son. He introduced me to it four years ago. It helps me build my upper-body strength and watch my weight.

I play tennis with my friends twice a week. I used to play a lot more tennis but age has caught up with me. I prefer to climb than sprint across the tennis court. Too much running is bad for my knees.

Diet: I take a lot of fruit, especially bananas because they fill me up quickly and give me the energy I need for climbing. I take a light breakfast before heading to work. Lunch is my heaviest meal of the day, while dinner consists mostly of vegetables and meat.

I avoid carbohydrates during dinner and stay away from fatty food like fried-oyster omelettes.

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asian men 4 men, mac 4 asian men