sentosa private jacuzzi

am a sucker for jacuzzi.  i have no idea who these guys are but i sure know where this is taken.  there is a hotel in sentosa that is just near the beach with some rooms having private jacuzzi.  so looking forward to staying there again … hopefully in jun.


solar the way to go

with so many gadgets to charge like phones, ipods, watches and cameras i think solar is the way to go.  i sure hope to see solar panels of all sort getting more commercialized for the mass.  in fact with the super high oil cost, i think a business venture developing and selling low cost solar panels might be a good idea. anyone interested?

sunday hot bod

20, Full-time NS man
Height: 1.70m
Exercise regimen: I hit the gym twice a week. I indulge in weight-training to build up muscle mass in my shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps. To maintain cardio-fitness, I jog twice a week and swim whenever I can. My favourite swimming places include the pristine waters of Tioman and Sentosa. I also do canoeing whenever I can. Some of my favourite sports include soccer and basketball, which I play with my friends and family on weekends. I plan to take up an active co-curricular activity when I enter NUS next year.Diet: I do not restrict myself to certain types of food. But I try to consume those high in carbohydrates, nutrients and proteins, which are present in food like fish, beef and chicken. I also eat three meals a day. I try to avoid deep-fried foods and drink lots of water to keep healthy and hydrated.

inspire me … i need to get my butt off the bed

is the weekend … work … exercise … diet and be happy.
spent much of this morning playing with my iphone. no not playing games on my iphone but …. installing a webserver on it.

tried apache and lighttpd. finally got lightttpd working as well as php.
kind of cool. managed to add CSS to the directory list so that it looks iphone-ish when no default file is present.

now i can just copy pdf and htm or even doc and excel files to my iphone and be able to get safari to view it. in addition, since it can now run php that opens new frontier for web applications.

as part of my moonlighting job i do php web applications for companies be it as ERP system or for attendance monitoring. if i can get php to run off the iphone i can do it to be offline application that can access the server to download data and store in iphone. missing link is to get the sqlite setting in the iphone.

will end up spending more time on this if i actually try to do it. time which i do not have since i have an exam coming fri, have a play today and need to exercise to get ready for my 15km run in jun.

not to mention my room is always like in a mess. hmmmmmm. well at least i have a nice pic to look at.


weekend is here again … time to work

since i started part time working and full time working … weekends has become a time of relaxing work.  meaning i can work with less pressure.  i have very long not enjoyed weekend or even evenings on weekdays as periods of total rest.  not sure if that is to be envied or to lament over.  on one hand i have work and i get to do it on flexible timings but that flexibility removes the clear distinction between rest and work.


after yoga effect …

managed to drag myself to yoga last night.  since gaining 4 kg in the last 2 months, i have to get back on exercise and dieting.  i have a 15km run coming up in june with many friends and office colleagues taking part.  not to mention my nagging cough is really putting some concern into my health.  i think hot yoga actually help my cough.  it is not one of those sick sick cough cough but more of like allergy, nasal flow back, throat itchy kind of cough.  one doctor actually asked me if i was coughing or trying to clear my throat.  i looked back at her point blank and asked was there a difference.any case a new hottie to start the day.  i sure miss tony and his hot body to wake up to in the morning. tob03xw3.jpg

laser string music

250_bz100_pip.jpgIn the future we’ll probably play music with our minds, but for now the Beamz Laser Music System uses a series of six lasers which you can break with your hands to play instruments like guitars, violin and (YES!) even a cowbell. There are also 30 preloaded songs and musical genres that can play alongside your flapping arms as background tracks. Add some speakers and you’ll be ready to rock like Jean Michel Jarre when Beamz goes on sale on April 15. [gizmodo via The Sharper Image via Geek Alerts]

bluetooth microphone in your tooth!

Bluetooth Microphone for Your Tooth

Bluetooth Dental Insert Microphone

Get ready for the weirdest gadget of the month; the Bluetooth Dental Insert Microphone. The product is described as the “ultimate bluetooth handsfree”.

An extremely small microphone is packaged with solar panel and battery to provide the most portable unit to date. The durable composite resin filling is designed to fit in a hole 2.2mm in diameter and 1.7 mm deep and will pick up sound and vibrations from your mouth to produce incredibly clear sound.

Bluetooth Dental Insert Microphone

The earpiece is comfortable and features replaceable rubber ear grips and attractive chromed inserts. This product is compatible with all Bluetooth capable phones with Handsfree and Headset profiles.

The Bluetooth Dental Insert Microphone will soon be available over at Chinavision, who also points out that “All dental work should be performed by a qualified dentist, Chinavasion does not take responsibility for injury resulting from the installation of this product”. [geeksalert]


i already have the ipod nano and the nike+ set. so you might ask why do i need a new one? well if i want to bring my iphone along for my run, then i can listen to music on my iphone and track my run without brining the nano. stupid reason? yeah i think so too. especially since the nike one does not have voice feedback.

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