high tech random excuse

cool device.  imagine if it can bluetooth to your hand phone.  while driving if you get a call or sms you just roll it and it will auto send the shown reason/excuse through your phone.  works with laptops with bluetooth.  i think is a prototype and the images are fake but not a bad idea huh? 

solar ballons … good idea or what?

i really think a money making venture is in solar power.  be it small solar shields on cars, to solar fabrics for bags or solar ballons floating above your house.  with the rising cost of oil and electricity as well as pollution, dont you think it is just the way for the future.  imaging never having to charge your phone any more …. well no need to plug it in to charge it at least.  or a laptop that has perpetuate power … well ok, being more realistic, lets say we supplement the power source with solar and increase the usage time.  unfortunately must do more research into the area in order to produce some cool consumer based products.  anyone has the technical know how?  want a join venture?

run … m … run

not me in the photo … but i really need to get my butt off the bed and start running.  now that i have passed my exam (yipeee am PMI certified now) i should start working some fat off my  abs tummy.  may be transfer a bit to my butt will be good idea.


some pointers to get unstuck … for procrastinators like myself

from my favorite mac reviewer merlin mann …. link

  • Hack your way out of writer’s block – “Literally. Put five completley random words on a piece of paper. Write five more words. Try a sentence. Could be about anything. A block ends when you start making words on a page.”
  • Solve problems by writing a note to yourself – “Seriously, open up your email program, type in your own email address, then choose a brilliant subject line that perfectly encapsulates your particular problem.”
  • Do a fast “mind-sweep” – “And as long as you let that stuff accumulate as chunky deposits on the edges of your perception, it’s very unlikely it’ll get done since — well — they won’t get done until they’re been captured and properly started, right?”
  • Cringe-Busting your TODO list – “Per cringe item, think honestly about why you’re freaked out about it. Seriously. What’s the hang-up? (Fear of failure? Dreading bad news? Angry you’re already way overdue?)”
  • Patching your personal suck – “Every patch that fails teaches you a little something that might come in handy some day. Mistakes, as they say, can be a buddhist gift.”


innovative hamster wheel room

“At first glance, TurnOn is reminiscent of a human-size hamster wheel. The arrangement would consist of several revolving modules linked together. Each module’s interior would be outfitted for a specific room or function, such as a kitchen, bedroom, or exercise room. The wheel literally turns, and as the positioning of the module changes, so does its function. For instance, while cooking, the couch becomes the ceiling, the dining table a wall. The Wet Cell is the module that would house the bathroom, including the toilet, shower, and bath. One would simply rotate the module to utilize one of the facilities. This seems like an ingenious invention for those lacking space.” link

I would think just a bedroom, reading/tv lounge, dining/work table configuration would be perfect. wonder how much would it cost to make in Manila using wood.

female as an accessory

you can click on the thumbnail below to see the enlarged version.  both are of the bangkok love story lead actor. do you think that having a female next to him brings up his sex appeal ?  even his abs looks more define with a girl next to him. kekeke.
oh dont mean to often any female readers with my heading, but the reverse is also very true. having a hunk around can boost the sexy appeal of the female too.

asian men 4 men, mac 4 asian men