wow … creative win win idea

delta airways are planning to convert their ECONOMY seats into “Cozy Suite”.

smart and creative.  does not take up a lot more space compared to current, although they plan to add 2 inches more in front, but the staggered design with large over head allowing you to more privacy and more comfort. 

not sure how you can lean the seat back in this case.  may be there is no more need. 

compact keys

for those of us with a bunch of keys this is a good idea.  someone should sell the sets at the key duplicating shops where you can go and have a few keys combined into one set like this. sure is a space saver.  only problem is that you would have to remember which key is for what.

solar charger ….. come on any one wants to partner and invest in this technology?

full specifications 

this think here is designed to have flexible contacts to be able to charge various batteries.  in addition it can be charged by solar, usb or power adaptor.  it stores the charge and uses it to charge batteries or directly charges the battery i guess.

not sure how fast it works, but if just leaving it around the house all day is enough for it to charge my phone at night, i think that is already fantastic.   green and money saving.

cool mechanical project

lately i have been fantasizing a lot about design.  mostly furniture and some mechanical.  if i have the time and space and luxury i would set up a workshop and do my own mods.  below is one nice looking mode.  taking a powerbook converting it into a desktop. 

modern appliances like sci fi stuff

quote appliancist “With the durable and beautifully finished surgical stainless steel body, the space efficient SWV-08AM is the newest megasonic cleaning device from Coway. Designed to provide you with an easier way to remove dirt and agrochemicals, this device uses sound waves to clean produce, meats, dishware, pots and pans and flatware with little to no detergent. The megasonic waves induce micro cavitation, shaking impurities loose from surfaces. Coway integrated the controller and faucet into this device, designing the SWV-08AM like a conventional faucet, small and easy to use and install. The water flowing through the jet spray faucet head washes impurities away, preventing second-hand contamination. The cleaning device also delivers clean water using its built-in P-Sediment filter. The P-Sediment filter has numerous folds on its surface to enlarge its filtration area, boosting its ability to remove fine particles in water. Two large buttons labeled strong and soft allow users to select the proper water pressure for heavy-duty tasks like washing dishes or more sensitive tasks like cleaning fruits and vegetables. Coway. “

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