bollywood hunks … attracting gays too

MUMBAI – BOLLYWOOD’S leading actors are hitting the gym as never before, adding brawn and biceps to their on-screen repertoires and winning a legion of new fans in the process – including other men.

The latest weight-training convert is Aamir Khan, who enlisted the help of physical trainer Satyajit Chourasia two years ago to get in shape for the film Ghajini, which is released on Dec 25.

His daily four-hour regime appears to have paid off.

Giant advertising hoardings show a shaven-headed Khan, who plays a man with memory loss who tattoos himself and takes Polaroid pictures to remember people and places, stripped to the waist, exposing a finely-ripped torso.

The 43-year-old said the film’s director A. Murgadoss told him to bulk up because it was essential for the character.

‘I too felt that I will not be able to do justice to my role if I am not in this shape,’ he said this week.

Asked whether his new look could help boost box office takings, he said it was creating ‘a lot of buzz among viewers, which is good for the film’. Historically, the muscle-bound macho hero has never been in vogue in Bollywood.

Instead, leading men were as likely to be measured by the manly thickness of their chest hair or how they carried a tune or moved in the set-piece song and dance routines.

Eyeing the success of Hollywood’s Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1980s, Bollywood’s Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt began working out, winning accolades and a dedicated fanbase.

But it was not until megastar Shah Rukh Khan got a ‘six pack’ for his 2007 blockbuster Om Shanti Om that muscle tone became a must for aspiring Bollywood actors.

Actor John Abraham enlisted the help of Hollywood personal trainer Mike Ryan to prepare for appearing on camera in only a pair of swimming trunks on Miami beach in the film Dostana, which was released in October.

‘I went on high protein and vigorous training to get that kind of look,’ he said. ‘It was essential to work out more because I had little time on my hands and had to get that kind of muscular look to complete the film on time.’

His new look has won him a legion of new fans, including in the gay community, he added.

‘Earlier some women used to make a pass on me but now even men make passes at me,’ said Abraham, who has been nicknamed The Hunk.

Satyajit Chourasia is full of praise for actors he has worked with, from Aamir Khan to Saif Ali Khan and Zayed Khan, as well as Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Devgan.

‘All the actors are very dedicated. They don’t skip their exercises and maintain themselves which you can see with their looks on the big screen,’ he said.

Demand is now so high that Chourasia said he has had to open a second gym in Mumbai, two in his home town of Nagpur, some 900 kilometres east of Mumbai, and two in the Indian capital New Delhi.

But having a perfect physique can have its disadvantages.

British director Danny Boyle has said that casting a Bollywood beefcake as the lead in his hit film Slumdog Millionaire would not have worked, even though Indian actors had the talent.

Instead he cast a skinny British Asian actor, Dev Patel. The film is now a hot favourite at next year’s Oscars.

‘You know when guys can’t put their arms down cause they have all this muscle mass? They’re 18; they’re only just beyond kids – and their heads are really small,’ Boyle told The Huffington Post on Nov 25.

‘They haven’t put any weight on their heads. So you’ve got these tiny little heads and big bodies; that was just wrong for the film.’ — AFP

smart and hot


The hair can do with a bit of styling, but a researcher, 1.85m and look at that solid body.

I can only drool.

Zaki Hamid, 30, Researcher

Height: 1.85m.

Weight: 78kg

Exercise regimen: I go to the gym three times a week. I usually start off by warming up on the treadmill for 15 minutes before working on my chest, shoulders and back with free weights. I’m also a member of the Tango Lyrical Theatre, which is a dance troupe. I go there to do ballroom, salsa and Argentine tango, among other dances. We train three times a week as well. During the weekends, I play football or swim.

Diet: I eat five full meals a day. Besides breakfast, lunch and dinner, my other two meals are my break meals, which consist of energy boosters such as protein shakes. I don’t take oily food.

cheap home

so … many of us dream of owning our own land and building our own house.  but the cost of that puts it out of reach for many asians.  or i should say singaporeans.  where land and everything else is expensive.

but if we can just save enough to buy a small piece of land, may be i can build a house using containers.  invest a bit on the interior renovation.

one problem i can see is that, on rainy seasons, it will be damn noise inside.  oh have to think about electricity, water and wastage disposal.

hmmmm may be i can dream of buying a small island in philippines and have this as home. but it might be cheaper to get someone to build a simple timber house on the island.

passport for men

am putting only part 1 and part 3 of the episode here as i was not interested in the fashion and party segment. in part 1 i was impressed with how well the simple garden turned out. check out the night scene of it at the end of part 3. in part3, aquatic exercise, just enjoy the bods.

after the run

am finally done with this year’s half marathon.  feels like a ritual. been doing it the past 4 years.  did a pretty good run today and i finished in 2hrs 27mins. by no means a fantastic timing but i think is decent for an amateur.  was also thinking towards my final stretch that although i had to struggle through the last 2km, i did it without any stops, and it is getting a bit too doable. the challenge seems to be dying and together with it the feeling of accomplishment.

in another words, i am getting bored. i guess especially since this is the second year i am doing it alone. i did start with a friend but ended alone.  as in i drove off alone.  no lunch or hanging out congratulating each other after that.

any case, while the idea of doing another full marathon just blows my lazy butt into quivering fear, i just might do that next year. at least it will be a real challenge again.

night before the run

tomorrow is my annual standchart run.  have done it for the last 4 years i think.  2 half and 1 full with tony and last year did the half alone.  thot i would be doing it alone this year but so happy a high school friend is also going.  so we will start together.  

i guess i will have to keep thinking of the bod below when i endure through the 3 hrs of painful jog tomorrow.  NO PAIN NO GAIN.

latest fashion accessory …. dragon boat oar

you may not be able to imagine it, but lately i keep seeing guys and gals, in sporty wear carrying a dragon boat oar walking around in the mall like they just finished training.  immediately up their cool hot factor. 

nothing says hot, sexy, hunk like a dragon boater.

as proof that it is now a fashion accessory, newurbanmale is selling their branded oars.

still fat

being running and getting tortured in the gym. but my body fat remains 22%. with a tummy still. dont think i will be able to reach a beach bod by Jan for boracay. hmmm may be should postpone that to mar during summer. give myself more time to work on the bod.

but i just love food. often eating double meals. *guilty look*

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