sonic bed, with 2 men

“This bed looks like a big Coffin? The Sonic Bed by Kaffe Matthews. It also includes a loudspeakers and subwoofers, Cool! Under the mattress of Sonic Bed there lies a network of loudspeakers including six very large subwoofers that produce very low frequencies that penetrate the body. The deeply sensuous immersion of Matthews’ Sonic Bed offers a trance-like corporeal, audio experience that transcends current visual-aesthetic frameworks. ”


feeling old and tired

may be i am just tired. need longer time to recover after each exercise session.  was suppose to go jogging with some friends today.  and it was usually me who insist on going very early. but i overslept till 7am … our meeting time.  but in defense, i was awake at 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, then 7am. skipped the 6am where i was suppose to get up and get ready.

yawn …. well may be i can do some cardio in the gym after sending mum to church.  

hot bod, cute guy

Israel Tan, 20, Student

Height: 1.7m

Weight: 62kg

Exercise regimen: Twice a week, I hit the gym for strength training.

To build aerobic and anaerobic fitness, I have internal training and swim once a week. I train daily once the new Prime League season starts for my football club (Sengkang Punggol).

Diet: My diet comprises juices, fruits, cereals, sandwiches and yogurt for breakfast. I have fish, veal, chicken without skin, rice, pasta vegetables, a variety of multi-grain bread and salads for lunch and dinner.

quiet time in manila

am finally done with the army field camp exercise.  might just miss it.  am now in manila for a week of vacation. but i am actually more stressed than ever.  my sideline work has piled up over the 2 weeks i was in the military.  day job also been sending me some emails that i might have to respond too. 

nevertheless, i have started reading Quiet Time … the book i mentioned a few posts back.  not too bad.  will strike a chord with most singaporean gay men in the late 30s.  although given gay life experiences can be rather typical at times, most gay men will find there are some aspect of the stories somewhere they relate to.

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