greeting monday with a smile

i always thot straight men are cuter.  women just seem like such good accessories for them.

any case posting some hot guys with great smile to brighten up my week.  first working day of march. long month to go.


although this guy isnt smiling, but hope it is an inspiration for me to get my beach bod. (still dreaming, not awake yet)


sunday hotbot

Sherman Man, 21, Undergrad

Height: 1.7m

Weight: 61kg

Exercise regimen: What I do during the week depends on the competition I am preparing for, such as a marathon or a triathlon. Right now, I am training for SMU’s adventure race which involves kayaking, skating, running, diving and trekking. I do not work out in the gym as I get the resistance workout I need from participating in sports.

Diet: Strictly no carbohydrates for me four hours before bedtime. I take five meals a day, with lunch being the heaviest. I eat everything in moderation, avoiding fried and oily food.

micro projector

this dell projector is so small, cost S$799 and has 50 lumens ratings.

is just so cool.  can use it for in room movie watching or for mobile presentation.

i think they will sell a ton of it.  am so tempted to just get one …. but resisting

Sunday Hot Bod


33, Fitness supervisor

Height: 1.72m

Weight: 70kg

Exercise regimen: I am in the gym for an hour, two or three times a week. I do fitball strength training, which improves my core strength, the abdominals and the obliques, and also improves my posture. I also do circuit training which includes running, push-ups, sit-ups and star jumps. I use exercise bands for strengthening exercises.

Diet: I have a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Breakfast is steamed chicken thigh, four soft- or hard-boiled eggs and water. Lunch is either steamed, broiled or grilled chicken or fish with a little rice. Dinner is steak, fish or chicken. My indulgences are KFC and chicken rice.

post valentine inspiration

over valentine dinner last night, a friend was commenting on how he has a month of vacation coming out and his intention of going for liposuction.  of course i contributed my knowledge of the matter as i was seriously considering liposcrupture last year.  but it was too expensive for me.  any case we were discussing the various procedures that would instantly remove the fat cells from our abdominal as we came to the conclusion that the natural way of dieting and exercising is just not possible for someone our age and with career. the washboard abs is just too much work to achieve and to maintain.

funny how the discussion actually made me more determine to do it the natural way.  may be it is just in me to enjoy alway proving people wrong.  or just that i know it is a way for me to seek attention.  any case let’s see how far and how long this inspiration will last me.

dream bod slips away

just started back on my exercise regime and i got this sudden knee pain. saw a chiropractor and did a whole butch of x-rays. going back today for consult.  might cancel my gym today.

looking forward to my manila try tomorrow.  think am seeing my lean bod slim dream slip away.  guess i can only enjoy looking at pics then.

Sunday HotBod

24, Technology assistant

Height: 1.71m.

Weight: 70 kg.

Exercise regimen: I run three times a week and hit the gym four times a week. At the gym,

I start my routine by going on the treadmill and running for 10 minutes. Then I lift weights that work on different parts of my body. For example, I bench press 15 times in 10 repetitions, taking a break in between each set.

Diet: I eat anything, but I stay away from food that is too oily. I also eat lots of fruits.

coming out …..

last night i had dinner with a guy i know briefly.  sold him an iphone before and helped him jailbreak it.  we chatted a bit previously and after knowing a bit about my IT and project management background he suggested that i help him on a freelance basis with a project in manila.  last night he bought me dinner and further discussing a business opportunity.

of course he is cute, young, well to do …. married with a son. after dinner while discussing of manila, property etc, he was asking why dont have i a girlfriend in manila or singapore. as a shy guy then has so far only come out to people on the net or sms, i gave an excuse like i am too busy to even have time to watch a movie.

been thinking about it.  if i continue with this lie, i dont think the relationship, be it business or friendship will develop much more.  so i think i am going to come out to him via sms.  yes, i am still too shy or embarrassed to face someone face to face and come out.

well if it didnt go too well, i am sure i will update this blog with it.

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