am feeling much better today. makes me cherish good health after fighting sickness for a weak. am glad my gym session got cancelled (torturer got bad case of flu too) as it allowed me to recover.  spent the whole morning packing, reorganizing and cleaning my room.  makes me feel inspired to post some nice pics here to share.  i really should get my butt out and do yoga or get some sun today.

enjoy the long weekend for those of you celebrating labour day today.


viral infection …. flu?


was down with some sort of viral infection from a week ago till now.  still having a bit of sore throat. it always happens when i am in the thick of my exercise program. may be it is over exercising causing my immune to be low. but hey, flu is in. cock-pig-man flu (avian, swine, human variant).  may be also cause i dont fully recover before i start again.  like i am going gym today for a torture by my Master (trainer). feel bad putting him off for so long.

am also thinking about what i should do with this blog.

sunday hot bod

20, Sales executive

Height: 1.62m Weight: 52 kg

Exercise regimen: I’m rowing for Safsa, and have been a dragonboat rower for four years. I have to credit dragonboat rowing for my physique. I work out in the gym three times a week, focusing mainly on the upper body, biceps, back and abs. I do dragonboat rowing four times a week – each session lasting about two hours.

Diet: I do not stick to a strict plan. Eating moderately is important. I eat food that has high protein and is low in carbo, such as chicken rice, fish soup, steak and pasta. Soybean milk and milk are sufficient for recovery.

beach vacations


after 5 days of sun, sand, sea and seaweed, it is back to computer, internet and work. i just realised i have been going to the beach rather often lately.  2 weeks before, i went on an impromptu weekend bali trip with a girl friend.  then 5  days boracay trip with my partner. and now i am already thinking of a short bintan getaway in 2 weeks during the May labour day long weekend.

i really should count my blessings.

sunday hot bod

28, Site engineer.

Height: 1.72m

Weight: 61kg

Exercise regimen: Normally, I hit the gym about three to four times a week. At each session, I’ll work out on different body parts. For example: chest with biceps, back with triceps, shoulders with biceps or abs with legs. During weekends, I go for cardiovascular exercises like jogging or swimming.

Diet: I take at least four meals every day. They include more portions of fish and chicken, which increase my protein intake. I end my day with two glasses of fresh milk before going to sleep.

last blog here?

i used to be a member of the guy4men website. some of you might know about it.  but recently they sold the whole site to another site but letting all the accounts merge into the new site.  the problem however, is that the new site is horrible.  i missed the old simple layout and design.

so i have been contemplating creating a site of my own and putting it on which means i have to move this blog somewhere or close it down.  after all it isnt really getting that much traffic.

not sure how successful another “dating” website will be. but it might be fun to try.

bathroom concept

i am quite into bathroom design.  it is like something i know i can work towards in my lifetime even if i cannot afford a big nice home.  i can still channel whatever money i can earn into a very nice bathroom.

btw the small basin on the lower right of the photo is a sink designed for the feet. bliss.


pacing myself

as usual, after a hiatus from my exercise, i suddenly overdo it until i easily fall sick.  dont think i am sick yet, but i better get some rest soon.

Mon – Gym

Tue – Yoga

Wed – Jogging

Thu – Gym

but no pain no gain and i do have a variety of different exercises spread out.  just that my work, exercise and late nights does put a toll on my body.

nevertheless i will have to watch my diet and not slack off after i take a break tomorrow. more inspirational pics for myself and those who visit my blogs.


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