so far so good

am feeling ok so far. started some running and gym without the trainer/torturer. might start the proper gym training this week. starting some swimming as well now that i know the Fitness First in OUB building has a jacuzzi. hope i can sustain without falling ill.

any case this weekend tony is coming to the lion city. i foresee shopping, eating and movies galore.


last day of medical leave

i have been away from work and exercise for many days … almost a month actually.  and that does not include my vacation in manila.  today is the last day of my medical leave.  going back for a check up at noon and i should be all cleared for work tomorrow.  although i started some of my freelance work yesterday, my engine has been slow to start. having to take naps after breakfast and lunch, i feel tired easily.

but i cant wait to getting back some exercise. just hope i dont over do it and put myself back on the sick bed.

but i still hope to achieve the killer bod in the shortest time … although my friends know for how many years i have been talking about it.  so it really is the longest time instead of shortest.  am sure i can count on my lazy bum to slow down my training.

so a nice bod remains a pipe dream and i continue to stare at photos for inspiration.


sunday hot bod

NTU engineering student, 23

Height: 1.74m Weight: 74kg

Exercise regimen: I go for dragon boat training four times a week and twice to the gym on my own. Cardiovascular exercise is important for dragon boaters because we need to build up endurance. I also do 80-90 chin-ups per session in sets of 10. I go for long runs of 8km-10km and have completed two marathons.

Diet: I avoid oily and fatty food and try not to eat too much of one type of food. I stay off carbonated drinks and opt for milk, water or green tea.

iPhone rumours … cant wait for jun 09

Latest iPhone rumour, the new iPhone that is expected to be released in Jun 09 will pretty much look the same as the current one. Changes are minor and rumoured to be faster processor (frmo 400MHz to 600 MHz), double RAM to 256MB, double storage to 32GB, electronic compass builtin and (mostly exciting of all for me) 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus. The auto focus is most exciting for me cause that is what i need to take photos of namecards.

It is rumoured to be really much faster then the current iPhone. Given most of the specs in the rumour are realistic and practical, i think it is very high chance of coming true except for the auto focus.

Cant wait for the new software 3.0 and iPhone in Jun.

butt saga

whole weekend i was looking forward to this morning so that i can go see the doc again. one day ahead of schedule as i was in pain with mild fever throughout the weekend once the panadol effect subsided.  was pretty sure the stronger antibiotics, 3rd that i was given, does not seem to be working. unless it has to get worse to get better.

any case, might as well go for a checkup.  but my biggest worry is that it is now more painful, and i drag having the doctor put his finger in and massage around to diagnose the issue. they whole ass is kind of sensitive and sore, almost sharp pain when the pain killer wears off.  so decided to take the extra strong panadol pain killer first before i go see him.  of course i will let him know about it.

let’s see if i am scheduled to be operated on or not.


Randy Blue’s Tai Lee

Randy Blue is a gay porn website and the model/actor below is Tai Lee. If you google Randy Blue Tai Lee,  you will be able to find the rest of his pictures in full glory or even his video in action without having to subscribe to Randy Blue.  If you want me to send you his video, add a comment with a valid email. (sorry lost the video).



medical mystery solved!

ok, this explains it all.  went to see doctor again.  so i have a cyst infection in my rear.  the infection causes a low grade fever which explains why the last 3 weeks i have been feeling weak and muscle sore even though it was not a full blown flu.

have been on 2 different antibiotics last 3 weeks, so am another one now.  a second generation one according to the doctor.  if it still does not recover, an operation to drain it will be required.

at least i see myself getting back to being healthy for exercise again and not feel weak on and off the last 3 weeks.

finger crossed no ops.

feeling pathetic

cause i woke up in the middle of the night in pain from my gym sessions and my piles.

can hardly move my body.  cant sleep.  had to take painkillers.  isnt that pathetic? dont think i have heard of anyone needing pain killers after a gym session.  not that i injured myself.  it is from the muscle aching.  granted i think my body immune is weak and is like at the verge of falling sick, so the muscles are aching more than usual.

but must say the panadol really works.  feel much better after taking it.  but side effect, i sweat. the pain we go through to achieve a nice bod.  sigh.


when will i buy a digital photo frame?

when it is made up of E Ink technology. cause the E Ink (like that used in the Kindle) basically only uses power to switch the image on. after that it does not require any power to keep the image the way it is.  while currently color E Ink is still some way off, but it is already available in prototypes.  i definitely will not have a monitor switched on consuming power all the time as some form of photo frame.  but the E Ink is definitely something the manufacturers should think about for photo frames besides eBooks.

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