sunday hotbot

27 , Personal trainer

Height: 1.7m

Weight: 62kg

Exercise regimen: I follow a training methodology called Cross Fit. It combines gymnastic movements with weightlifting and running, whereby I work out for three days and rest for a day. The session lasts for only half-an-hour as the routines are very tough and involve various combinations.

Diet: I try to eat three meals a day, consisting of 30 per cent protein, 40 per cent carbs and 30 per cent fat. I usually have vegetables, chicken and fish. I’m not into red meat. When I eat out, I don’t order what I don’t know how to cook.

off to china

am going to be travelling to shenzhen and guangzhou the next 2 days for work.  not looking forward to it cause i think it will be very tiring.  but it might just be better than i expected. any case no updating till i am back.



Sunday Hot Bod

21, Republic Polytechnic student

Height: 1.70m

Weight: 55kg

Exercise regimen: Like Debra, I’m in the school’s wakeboarding team and we train twice a week. Our dry training sessions last 4-5 hours. We run and do gym work and weights. Wet training sessions last 3-6 hours. I do inline skating and cable-skiing when free.

Diet: I don’t usually take breakfast, but will have large portions of white or red meat with fruits and vegetables for lunch and dinner. I also take protein shakes after workouts.

Sony Ericsson’s new phone UI

Next Sony Ericsson phone UI. Pretty impressive. But my reservation about super solid UI like is that it is typically restricted to the core built in applications. It’s ability to support other apps with a standard UI core library to give consistent and user friend interface is what makes iPhone successful. Nevertheless, SE seems to have picked up some lessons from Palm Pre with the integration with social applications.  Still between blackberry, palm pre and iphone, it will be hard to squeeze into the playing field now especially for business users.  Before the O2 mini, i was an SE fan.  Had a number of SE phones and even had the Smartphone P900 for awhile.  But in the smartphone arena, nokia and SE is so far losing the battle.

massage therapists in HK/China

am preparing for my move to HK for a new job there and was just seaching to see what is available.  OMG!!!!!! just as a sample, below are just some sample photo si found and there are lots more all like them or better.  and they are all 175 to over 180cm tall!!!! obviously i like the first guy most, the hint of body hair and facial hair, all man and mature looking.  but i know the smooth college boy look is in too so attached some for you to see.

not sure how good their massage is or how different in person they are.  but the photos are good enough for my fantasy.






dream the lean dream

i have been eating and eating and not exercising much. i still dream the dream of a sex pack … i mean six pack. but it seems almost impossible without sucking the fats out.

hmmm …. wonder if staring at more photos will make it magically happen?


asian men 4 men, mac 4 asian men