actor saves actress from ondoy

MANILA – A POPULAR Philippine actress cried out for help from a rooftop as a tropical storm roared and floodwaters rose menacingly. Then an actor emerged from nowhere on a speedboat and swept her to safety.

A romantic scene from a movie? No, it was the real-life travails of young actress Christine Reyes. Her rescue by movie and TV heartthrob Richard Gutierrez as Tropical Storm Ketsana raged across the northern Philippines was one of the happier moments of last weekend’s disaster that left at least 100 dead and tens of thousands homeless. …… (read more in StraitsTimes)


Richard Gutierrez

Sunday Hotbod

Age:  38

Height: 1.77m

Weight: 75kg

Exercise regimen: I do a minimum of 10km runs three times a week, and a 20-30km run once a week. In between days, I combine interval training at the track (about 10 sets of 400m) followed by swimming laps. I do about 1 hour of gym workout twice a week. I have a road bike that I use to cycle to work daily.

Diet: I eat small meals throughout the day, ensuring that everything is done in moderation. I avoid oily fried foods and rice carbs on weekdays, but will eat almost anything on weekends.

snow leopard killer feature for chinese market

in all the reviews i have read so far, not a single of the western reviewers mentioned this killer feature that sets snow leopard and mac laptops a world a part from other non-touch screen tablet laptops. treating the touch pad like a writing pad, one can actually write the chinese character like on the iphone.  in fact the input screen does look similar to the iphone. i am wondering if it works for chinese, it should work for other languages including english.  but i guess apple feels there is no need to implement a slow character by character entry for english when there is a keyboard on all laptops.

any case this is huge i think. cant wait to get my hands on it.


korean hunk lee byung hun

if you have watched g.i.joe, you would not have missed lee byung hun. his one of the most charismatic asian in hollywood movie i can remember in recent history. his role was meaty and he just had that leading man look instead of an incidental asian sidekick.

am sure we will be seeing more of him, if not in hollywood, in korean shows. many korean hunks are hot and sexy and really manly unlike the japanese softer more cross gender looks.

gijoe_lbh13 gijoe_lbh3 gijoe_lbh01 lbh-gijoepic02


mechanical power led lighting

i love green gadgets!  these are led lights that are powered by winding.  remember the watches and cars that were power by mechanical spring you wind?  well because led uses much less power than traditional bulbs, they are not able to power it via the same spring winding method. but of course it will not last very long before you have to wind it again.  is good for setting mood in the bed room for a session of romantic interlude.


week 2 in hk ….

it is the SG national day holiday today, but am spending my first national day out of singapore i guess. not that it meant much to me other than a holiday. most of the time i forgot about it until i realise my friends are not working today.

weather is kind of gloomy today in hk, and i already started to “work from home”.  was suppose to put a brake on that for the first few months. but guess bad habits break hard.

on the up side, i did my run in the gym and had  salad for lunch.  growing to like the salad offered by  it is convenient located just downstairs  from my apartment but it sure is expensive.  basic salad of greens with 4 simple toppings starts from HKD58.  my usual combination set me back by about HKD80.  am thinking of just getting the basic then get canned tuna to add to it.  but the cost is about the same after.

oh well some pics to cheer everyone up.



asian men 4 men, mac 4 asian men