Merry Xmas

Was a lonely xmas eve …. watched videos, drank a glass of bailey’s and knocked off. On the bright side, it was a good sleep and i woke up to xmas day. Hope this can be a fruitful day so that i can go Manila for a nice break.

fit guy

winter eating and diving buoy

first off, the picture below is obviously not me. secondly i am going to be experiencing my first winter living full time in hk. one thing i realise, i tend to eat more. may be is the body’s way of storing food to get fat and keep warm.

but that is not helping as i have put on over the last few weeks and i am going on a diving trip in december with a bunch of health freaks. i dont want to be a floating buoy having problem diving. of course being the vain gay that i am, i dont want to be the only one with tummy and man boobs either.

my degenerating right knee cap is not helping either. any case will have to see what i can achieve in the next few weeks.  am sure with tony coming next week, it will be more difficult to resist good food.

oh just remembered another reason for getting back to my fitness routine. my reservist and physical fitness test (is a Singaporean man thing) is due in Jan next year.

Sigh …. will i ever have a bod like below?

Screen shot 2009-11-18 at PM 10.09.24

summer boy … abs

ok i have to help my man do some promotions. this video production is kind of like his baby. this is one of the hunkier and nicer looking guy (Marco Posadas).  will post more screen shots here.  those of you in manila to do support the video.  no piracy ok. hehehe.


feeling tired … but not unwell

Rainy weather is back in HK and the sun is not expected for the rest of the week. At least i visited the beach last week to have a look. Have been feeling tired since sunday.  Slept and rested but still not feeling energized.  Not unwell just tired, like no energy for gym. Crux of the problem, i have not been exercising. I really need to get my bones moving. I feel guilty about it, but not enough to kick start myself.  Sigh.  Maybe hating my current job situation has something to do with it as well. Dont think i will stay long in HK.



not quite a beach photo below. but i finally visited the beach in hk recently and even stumble about the gay beach with a club there. might just go back to the beach again to get some tan. but the gay beach might be a bit too far for to walk there again on my own.


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