magic mouse connection issue and fix

I love my magic mouse.  By default it might be a bit limited, but its potential is there.  You can extend its functions using the free MagicPref software.

However, lately it has been disconnecting very regularly.  It is irritating and inefficient. But i found a posting on the apple support site that has some suggestion. In particular, there is a setting that is rather hidden.  Making a bluetooth device a favorite.


System preferences>bluetooth. Highlight the mouse and click on the little gear thing and select show more options. Click on the gear again and make the mouse a favorite.

Sunday Hot Bod is back

Jan 17, 2010

Hot Bods

21, NSF (full time national service, aka army man)

Height: 1.68m

Weight: 69kg

Exercise regimen: Regular exercise is part of my lifestyle. I make it a point to exercise about three times a week despite my camp’s busy schedule. I do sprints, so my training is geared towards building speed and endurance. My weights training targets the muscles of the core and legs.

Diet: I love fast food and most local food but stay trim because of my active lifestyle. I eat fatty food in moderation, especially when I exercise less. To satisfy my craving for meat, I go for the lean parts.

light touch

Light Touch($TBA) is an interactive projector that instantly transforms any flat surface into a touch screen. Its Holographic Laser Projection(HLP) technology inside which creates a bright, high-quality video images in WVGA resolution – 10.1? virtual touch screen, so the user can use projected image as a touchscreen with virtual keyboards and touching the image. Cool tech!” from

iPhone Apps …. reason i love the iPhone

ProSwitcher. This cydia (jailbreak) app allows you to switch between active applications using palm pre like interface of cards. It will enable and install backgrounder for you so that you can multitask on the iPhone. Works well on iPhone 3GS only as it is the only phone with enough speed and memory for effective multitasking.

As a side note, i have also found a cydia app that will disable the voice control of the phone which i never use and has the tendency to activate on its own.  With this disabled, i can use the Press Home and Hold activation method for ProSwitcher without triggering voice control.

Just love my iPhone

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