Kwon Sang-Woo Shirtless (Korean Hunk)

In case you have not realised, i am in Seoul the last few days for work. I heard that those nice wholesome looking hunky actors are not so popular these days. I think the newer crops of famous koreans are young, boyish and sometimes Adrogynous.  Miss the good old days of the dominant testosterone macho men.

Seoul Man Message

I was at this coffeebein place in Seoul and there were so many tall young and good looking guys around. Apparently it was in an upmarket area and the basement of the coffeebein is a casting and auditioning place with agents.  Too bad i was too shy to actually take photos of the guys.

Below is just a “massage” website with their therapist details. All massage comes with special service, what ever that is. And now i did not try any of them.

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Photo Effects … boys before … hunks after

These are 2 photos that are after post processing (computer effects) … or pre in some cases (make-up, sit ups and push ups).

Visit his online ad (link after photos) to see his photo without processing as well as one photo showing his private … must say is a good size one too (NSFW!).

Feels a little like a magician revealing his tricks. Or someone telling you santa is not real. You will know what i mean after you see his natural photo.

link to his ad

Tron Legacy

I still remember i was very very young when the original movie was showing. I think more than 20 years ago. I am not sure if i ever saw the whole movie.  Was too young to go to the movies on my own and my dad doesnt watch english movies. Must say this poster does looks cool.

Wall of Sound & Wifi Weighing machine

Just noticed all the gadgets are W today. Including the previous Watch using laser.

I have heard of Wifi Weighing machine but not seen one in Asia yet. These can either connect to the iphone or to tweeter and straight away tweet your weight. Could be useful for devices like blood pressure, heart rate and weight for parents. Set it up for them, teach them how to use or stand on it and the children or doctors can follow the tweet to see their status.

The wall of sound ipod speaker might also come in handy for parents who are a little hard of hearing.

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