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sweet couple

this is a photo from one of the gadget website that is covering the CES (consumer electronic show) in las vegas.  below shows (i assume) 2 gadget reporters having an official massage.  think they are a couple.  aren’t they sweet.  can’t see the face but i assume they are both males (adam and mark)

military break

was let out for the weekend.  the last few days was totally boring. sleeping in the bunk for like 5 hrs a day during the day time. training was less than 2 hrs a day and mostly very quick revision.

the tough part should be next week.  hoping it is not going to be as tough as previous years.  4 days of in field exercise.  sure hope it burns some of the calories i have been piling on while serving my military service the last few days.

Quiet Time …. “Singapore’s best gay novel”?

found this review of the book launch on Fridae’s website. might just buy it and read it during my vacation to manila after my reservist.  for those not familiar, the author wrote Singapore’s first gay novel “Peculiar Chris” 17 years ago (wow how time flies).  i never read the book, since at that age i was more keen on reading erotica. now being older and wiser, i guess is time i read some serious literature.

the author (isnt he cute) wrote a second book which was a follow up on Peculiar Chris.  this is his third book. after i have read it, i will update here with my review.  in the mean time you can read the review on fridae website at the link here.

book spoiler alert … the review exposes some of the themes in the book … i extract some of it here below after the link.

Author Johann S. Lee
Quiet Time

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still procrastinating …

well … i have been doing stuff. did jogging on 1, 3 and 4 Jan.  a bit of gym, some shopping, some socializing (minimal … am getting more anti-social as i grow older) and went to HortPark and Marina Barrage to take photos.  had lots of food … i guess as a start to 2009, not too bad from the have fun perspective.  

about time i get some work done though and continue on my exercise and less food.

was originally planning on updating this blog to a newer look but i guess that is now postponed.

Masato, Japanese K1 fighter



lee hom
lee hom

feeling old

was with some friends just now and they were showing me photos of their parties the last few days.  gosh, it was mostly of hot young guys without shirts.  and i mean young like early to mid 20s.  some still in university and others already starting their professional career.  when i look at the pics, i just cant help but feel so old. i cant imagine myself enjoying in the parties like those.  not that i was ever a party animal. but now with my age, i prefer small groups, just quiet wine sipping at someone’s house may be watching tv, playing taboo.

six packs on obama

not a good pic to judge his looks, but just focusing on the abs … isnt that 6 packs?

but still with a bit of love handle?  hmmmm ok i am going no where trying to achieve my 6 packs.  beginning to feel like a fantasy.

first day of holiday …. and other musing

recently i was addicted to secondlife.  for those unfamiliar secondlife is a virtual world environment where you create yourself as an avatar and interact with others.  it is like an advance chatting and socializing in a WOW environment without the gaming objectives.  

but the reason why i was addicted, is the same as why i used to be addicted to reading online erotic stories and chatting.  it is a sordid affair.  you cannot believe the amount of sex you can have in secondlife and you create the environment, so it is one step closer than text fantasizing.  the visual element is very addictive.

oh and yes i am the female in the picture.  that is the whole idea of secondlife … to be able to lead the life that you are not in real life.

any case soon after my labido wane off, i started to take interest in the secondlife (SL) environment.  for instance you can create furniture, cloths, cars and practically anything in a virtual world.  couple with that, secondlife has a very very development financial system.  you buy linden dollars (secondlife currency) with real money and you get to spend it in SL.  There is even an site to track the black market exchange rate of SL to USD which fluctuates with demand.

what this interested me is

  1. ability to create stuff.  that has always been an interest for me.  reason why i like programming is because every program is like a creation.
  2. money.  have never been a very money oriented person.  guess i was always a little boy mentality.  but i might finally be growing up a bit with regards to realizing i do need so stable income and savings/investment in order for me to retire early or not be worried about my old age. and of course to enjoy life now, my monthly expenses is not low either.
so i started thinking i might create some simple stuff and may be start selling it in SL. of course it will take some time.  but i guess it will be fun and can be a hobby.
then this morning i was reading an article online how an iphone application that plays farting sound is now the top selling application on iphone at USD 0.99 per download. the number of downloads slowly climbed from 200 to 13,000 a day on 22 Dec 08.  that is like average of USD 800 in one day as apple takes 30%.  WOW! a farting sound application!
ok i am now downloading the iphone SDK and bunch of development resources.  but you cant imagine the process of getting an iphone app to run and to be on the apple store.  the process is so tedious, it makes me wonder why are the so much crap still on the app store.
well i was thinking why no do it for jailbreak phone.  then again, i wont be able to sell it at USD0.99 a pop.
oh well is xmas eve and the start of my one month official off from my official work.  i say official because i still my side line programming to catch up on and 2 weeks of military service.  so no, it is not 1 whole month of idling.
but may be i will get around to updating this blog with new design and updating the version.
happy holidays everyone.
p/s: link to asian heartthrob finalist for 2008.  personal favorite, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.  oh wait, the 3 countries i go to every month.
Derrick Tee, MALAYSIA
Dingdong Dantes, PHILIPPINES

Sunday Hotbot

Customer Service Representative, 26

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 60kg

Exercise regimen: I normally work out three times a week. In the gym, I avoid machines and use mostly free weights.

As I do not want to get too bulky, I focus on more repetitions with lighter weights instead of trying to use the heaviest weights I can. I also play soccer to get my cardio fix.

Diet: I have a weakness for pasta. My favourite meat is chicken. While I love fried chicken, I try to avoid it as much as possible. I drink lots of milk and get extra fibre through vegetable juices.