iPad as Macbook screen extension

Just a short post. It is iPad madness weekend after all.

My sole computer for my personal and freelance work is a macbook pro 15″. Had the Air and 13″ before but i needed the extra screen space for programming. But this application iDisplay actually will allow you to use the iPad as an additional screen … ala monitor.  Imagine the size of the iPad, smallest, sleekest touch sensitive monitor! So now when apple releases a new MacBook 13″ with i5 quad core processor, i can get that with an iPad instead of a MBP 15″.

time off ….

Am going through some personal adjustment and may not be updating this blog for a few days.

But i thot i really needed to post this diagram and it really helps explain the difference between Nerd, Geek and Dork. But by the definition below, am afraid i might be a Dweeb.

Bluetooth Audio Saga continues ….

Went around all HK and only found one shop selling this Bluetooth Audio Adaptor.  Most shops tell me such a device is extinct as almost ever computer and handphone has bluetooth built in now.  One sales lady even told me to try Singapore, like that is where you find extinct gadgets but not in HK.

Any case i bought this for HK220. Not cheap. It works as it should on the iphone and allows me to control the audio volume on the IS800 now. But as you can see it is only 2 black strips, meaning it does not allow for mic or other controls on the headset.  So no pause and start any more.  This make it even more hassle to use actually.  I did see online that there are iPhone/iPod connector adaptors that will not need charging as it uses iPhone power, and allows for calls (through mic) and music control (volume and start, stop only).  But i dont see it around in HK.

Any case another reason why i decided to buy this is because i can use it on the trackmill in the gym. So i no more need to jog on the trackmill with a wire running form the machine to my ears if i want to watch the Tv on the monitor.

Technically, it works for all audio devices like TV, iPods and Car stereo (if there is a 3.5mm jack) if i want private audio.

Bluetooth Headset saga continues ….

Since yesterday was payday, bonus day and friday, i decided to take half day and go shop. Nothing much i wanted to buy that is available yet.  Being holding out for a new macbook pro and ipad and iphone. Any case, i am still in search of the perfect bluetooth headset that allows me to listen to music/podcast and answer phone.

I have tried many bt headsets. My current one is a Jabra earpiece that works very well except the volume is too soft when i am traveling in the train.  I cant hear my podcasts other than when i am in a quiet room.

Yesterday while shopping i came across the Nakamichi TS1. It is a stereo bt headset, looks nice and boy was the volume loud.  I was pretty happy with it when i walked out the shop. On reaching home i found one small annoyance. The main button is loose and will have a rattling noise when i jump.  As i was planning on using it for jogging it could be a minor annoyance.  But i thought i can live with that.  Then came the major issue.  When i try to make a call, the microphone is virtually not working when it is in my ear.  If i put the headset right in front of my mouth, it works. Some test calls to philippines as well as testing it on my laptop proves the problem.

I brought it back to the shop and i was surprised the shop was willing to refund me as he says it is a problem with my iphone 3GS and if he had known that was the phone i was using he would not have sold me.  I wasnt too convinced.

Any case while researching for the issue i came across the Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800. It is positively the smallest and nicest looking bluetooth headset i have seen. And since i managed to get a refund, i thought i will go get it. Although i do realise from the reviews that it does not have volume control and is dependent on the phone for that.  This is know is likely not possible with the iphone but i thought that is a small issue.  So i went ahead and bought it after testing out the mic works well.

Now …. after spending all night up looking for a workaround for the volume issue, i am still stuck with an extremely loud pair of headsets as apple apparently sends 100% volume to all bluetooth headset and expects the volume control to be on the headset.

So what am i going to do …. i think a high chance that i am going to get an audio bluetooth dongle which i know will work with the iphone and gym trackmill or any other audio output. But it is just such an inelegant workaround. Sigh.

Of course another stupid workaround is to convert all my audio to a much lower volume in the file itself. …. dont bother.

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