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I discovered this shop in Guangzhou when i went over for meeting on Friday. I fell in love with it. It is just like Muji but this is a China brand. Instead of mostly grey, it uses lime green as its colour. The design are simple, clean cut and functional.

I purchased a travel digital weighing machine, a double wall tea bottle and a pill box. If i have capital, this is exactly the kind of shop i would love to open after i fell in love with the Muji concept.


3mins ahead

You know how some of us always set our watches and clocks 5 mins earlier or more? Well this clock is cool in that it makes use of how our brain and eyes work by focusing on the tip of the clock hands. So first impression when we look at the clock is the end of the hand and it will read 3mins ahead. In away we know it is ahead, and we subconsciously know by how much but we still register the time ahead.

iOS5 beta now?

As a registered developer, i have access to the iOS5 beta now. I have it on my iPad 2 already simply because i cannot jailbreak it. However, i have JB my appleTV and my iPhone4. iPhone4 iOS5 beta 1 is already jailbroken however it is a tethered one. I think the chances of having to reboot my iPhone that is running on a beta os is very high and so i am not keen to do it.

But there are so many new features in iOS5, it really is tempting. One of the feature i am so hoping to test out is the airplay mirroring of the iPad2 to appleTV. But with my JB appleTV i get to play so many more videos directly on my TV.

Then there is Lion ….. just cant wait.

Night Light

This is a very good design idea. Imagine you turning it over and it gets activate and lights up before you start to prepare to sleep. The sand will slowly bury the light and dim the room as you fall asleep to darkness and the full weight of all the sand can switch off the light. In the morning you turn it around again for the sand to return and the light is not activated in that position. Cool.

iPad 2 …. thinner, lighter, faster, cameraS and is smart covers that wins

Ok, so iPAD 2 is thinner than your iPhone 4, has 2 cameras, faster processor etc …. but what may get me to actually buy it is the new covers. Besides the lovely colors, the fact that it is super thin, attaches magnetically to the side and can be used to prop it up in various ways. Not to mention the white iPAd. Now we are talking.

Watch the iPAD2 apple video and also see why shaved head is IN and sexy.

Love you Jony Ive.