New Mac Mini

The new Mac Mini is really nice.  Love all the unibody aluminum construction. And it is just amazing how few components it has. Just step back and think about it again, this is a desktop computer.

By the way, i plan to move all the technology posts to my new blog site which i have registered but not found time to setup yet.

Williams, Barlow together again

The duet, which the two stars also co-wrote, is called ‘Shame’ and will hit the stores on Oct 4, a week ahead of the release of Williams’ latest album ‘In and Out of Consciousness – The Greatest Hits 1990-2010’.

Dont they look like a lovely couple?

lost youth … mine that is

i know i can never get back my youth, but i am in my prime. i do not want to live to look back and think i lost my prime. i hope these guys cherish what they have. otherwise i would cherish it for them …. evil grin.

monday hunk inspiration

Another weekend just zoom past. Damn and i injured my wrist trying out some boxing in the gym. Now typing is a little uncomfortable.  Any case … it is last day of May and Jun is coming. Sure needs a whole lot of inspiration to get me going.

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