Solar Charger

A reader contacted me and asked if she could write an article about solar power for my blog. I am greatly honored. I love solar power. I think it is green, clean and renewable. Below is her article.

Universityof southern California experts indicate us a more effective use of graphene solar panels

Can you imagine people powering their cell phone or music/video device while jogging on a sunny day?

A University of Southern California team has produced flexible transparent carbon atom films that may have great potential for a new breed of solar cells.

Inside a paper recently published by the journal ACS Nano, researchers stated that organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells have been proposed as away to get cost effective energy due to their ease of manufacture, lightweight, and compatibility with flexible substrates.

This work shows that graphene, a highly conductive and highly transparent form of carbon consisting of atoms-thick sheets of carbon atoms, has high possibility to fill this role.

While graphene’s existence has been known for many years, it has only been studied extensively since 2004 due to the impossibility of manufacturing it in high quality and in quantity.

The University of southern California team has produced graphene/polymersheets ranging in sizes approximately 150 square centimeters that in turn can be used to create dense arrays of flexible organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells.

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on leave but stressed

Was on leave yesterday but through out the day i was getting emails over incidents that would potentially erupt if i dont tend to it. Was thus stress most of the day i was out with a friend. Am thinking no point taking leave unless my other offices are on public holiday. That is the best time for me to take leave.

Wish i can be as result as him in the photo.

Apple new cinema display, touch pad and battery charger?

Is Apple truly becoming a consumer product company? Rechargeable batteries and charger from Apple? The interesting thing is that i realise i have lots of the Apple country power adaptors and it is all interchangeable.

“A smarter way to charge your batteries.

The sleek, compact Apple Battery Charger is all about efficient charging. It’s optimized for Apple-supplied batteries, but it works with AA NiMH batteries from other companies, too. And with a feature that automatically reduces its power intake once your batteries are fully charged, the Apple Battery Charger is one of the most energy-efficient rechargeable battery solutions available.” from

wet weather

It has been rather wet lately both in HK and Singapore. Makes it hard to go out and exercise isnt it. Gosh, can you imagine the diet one has to have to achieve the body below. But it should be worth it.  Wonder if i can make myself go through extreme diet for 3 months. Nah … not possible. Love food too much.

Bed, Blanket and Bolster

Lately just rediscovered the joy of the 3Bs, blanket, bed, bolster. Have not slept like 8 to 10 hours continuously for a few days for a long time. So much so that, i seem to be only eating, sleeping and sitting in front of computer in office. All my running in June has gone down the drain.  So now i can only look at photos and dream of my six packs

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