inspiration for monday

Just did a 7km run. Managed to run at least 5km the last 2 days as well. Hope i can keep it up. Targeting to complete the sundown half marathon in May in last than 2hr 30mins. Yes i know that is not a very difficult target. But given my current fitness level, it still takes some consistent training to meet that target.

iPad 2 …. thinner, lighter, faster, cameraS and is smart covers that wins

Ok, so iPAD 2 is thinner than your iPhone 4, has 2 cameras, faster processor etc …. but what may get me to actually buy it is the new covers. Besides the lovely colors, the fact that it is super thin, attaches magnetically to the side and can be used to prop it up in various ways. Not to mention the white iPAd. Now we are talking.

Watch the iPAD2 apple video and also see why shaved head is IN and sexy.

Love you Jony Ive.



Ever since MacBreak Weekly has been sponsored by Drobo ( i have been lusting for one. I finally bought one in HK yesterday. I got the drobo fs which is a 5 bay NAS. It is about 2 to 3 times the price of other brands on the market but i strongly believe it is worth it. The 2 main features of this system that makes it worth its price are:

1. BeyondRaid. It has a technology that takes care of RAID for you so you do not have to decide, compromise or worry about how to set up the HDDs to have good protection and maximum capacity.

2. The Drobo is the only multiple bays hard disk array that allows you to insert HDDs of any capacity, model, size and speed.What this mean is that i can start off with 2 x 1TB HDDs. When needed, i just insert a 2TB when the price is cheaper and it just automatically adds the capacity without me needing to do anything! In addition, when all the bays are full and HDD capacity has gone up, i can just remove the smallest capacity HDD and insert a new higher capacity HDD and all my data will still be there and my total capacity increased! This is like the coolest technology out there for disk array and is worth every penny. It is basically future proof as you can just keep adding capacity and no need for me to manually move the data or manage the volume.

The other cool feature is that it has a DroboApps feature that allows third party apps to be installed an run on it, almost just like a server. Some example of apps include apache and bittorrent client. It also has all the other common features like DroboCopy, hot swap, shares and accounts setup etc.

Now i just have to decide how i am going to transport it back to Sg with me.

sunday hot bod

Ship broker, 25

Height: 1.76m

Weight: 76kg

Exercise regimen: I have been into sports since I was a child.

I moved to Singapore six weeks ago and I am currently doing crossfit, which is a mixture of metabolic conditioning, Olympic-style weightlifting and gymnastics. I do it three times a week for 45 minutes each time.

Diet: My diet consists mainly of sandwiches and fast food, which is not the most healthy diet around. However, I do try to take more chicken for the protein and also make it a point to keep myself well-hydrated.

end of fairy tale?

The last one week was what i call the 2nd most dramatic period of my life. It is no way near my major life drama almost 10 years ago, but it was short, intense, sweet and bitter. It was a roller coaster ride that brought me to the sky and then let me free fall with no safety net. It was sleepless in seattle meet you’ve got mail with no fairy tale ending.

Guess what cushioned the fall? Crisis in the office. Took my mind off my personal fantasy so that my career dont nosedive at the same time.

Looks like 2011 will be a turbulent year with lots of changes in store as well. So for you guys out there complaining about lack of excitement, be careful what you wish for.

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