hilom … the experience

hilom …<p> the experience (click to see the enlarged image)

 just updated the hilom website at http://hilom.com . i really like the new design … lol … ok that is a bit narcissist since i designed it.  of course having my 2 favourite men on the design now helps too.  although one of them might get jealous and make me remove the other pic.  ha ha ha.  oh in case you wondering why is there a blank white patch on the bottom right … that is meant for words … check out the website to see it.  

will be travelling to guanzhou, beijing, shanghai and hong kong later today until 21 dec. it is going to be a super hectic next 3 months for me.  so cannot guarantee regular updates.  but this this is a new blog, and i do want to retain the few readers that i have … will try my best to keep it updated.  it will help if i get more comments and feedback.  😛

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