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On 7 December 2007 by admin

hilom bunchimg_9649.JPG

we have got photos of the therapists.  thanks to our professional photographer friend david fabros who spent the whole day taking photos of the place at hilom and the therapists.  will be updating the private gallery of hilom later.  in the mean time, here is a preview for you guys. to encourage comments here … if you want to access the private gallery of hilom you would have to email info@hilom.com.  click more to see the full size pics

img_9585.JPGimg_9523.JPGimg_9649.JPGhilom bunch

16 Responses to “hilom guys”

  • mj tan

    nice site :)

  • regine

    can i ask a question anybody can come in in spa. what i mean is all different of gays is allowed to come inside to do the services, thanks and gudday.

  • dong

    good venue

  • mark

    wud lyk 2 try this place…looks enjoyable

  • Mike Taganas

    Do they do extra service?

  • matevam

    yes they do extra service. check out the website at hilom.com

  • ryan

    Just want to access the private gallery

  • marco

    I visited hilom and I was so dissappointed with the massage. The therapist seems to be in a hurry for the extra service and he really demand for a thousand. pls stop saying good things about the place sayang lang ang babahyaran mo pare pareho lang yun mga dirty massage parlor what makes it different with hilom is mayaman ang mayari can afford publishing in the website.

  • matevam

    you should email info@hilom.com and feedback to them. the management takes a serious view of quality of service. but no one knows what happens in the room.

    if you did not like the experience, feedback to them and they will do something about it. but if you keep quiet and just complain on blogs hoping to get heard, they will not be able to improve.

  • gusto ko mkita lahat ng masahista nyo.

  • paul

    How far is the spa from the Crowne Plaza hotel..Robinson quezon

  • admin

    You might want to post on hilom.com or call them or email them to ask. Their contact details are on their webpage.

  • jude


  • i would like to see the picture of the all the maSSEURS

  • admin

    go to the website and register with your email. you will get access to all their photos

  • ameen

    I have been @ Hilom on 28 Jan 2013….. it was good n relax…. :)

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