2011 …. 2012

Don’t think i have ever posted a photo of myself on this blog before. Frankly was embarrassed by my physique. But i have been jogging rather regularly this second half of 2011 and today i did my best 10km run ever under 54mins. So i thought i post one of my photos taken sometime in the last few months. There is still a tummy with love handles and i do not have developed chest or arms either. On the bright side i think i am very good to cuddle and hug. (any takers?)

But starting next year, i will complement my jogging with weight training. Will invest in a Personal Trainer again. Hope by end of 2012, if the world has not ended, i get to finally post a more tone body pic.

Hope my blog readers had a fruitful 2011, continue to make today count and may the new year bring health, fitness, passion and happiness.

8 thoughts on “2011 …. 2012”

  1. I hope You will have better fabolous body than now
    Happy New Year

    —From Anonymous Seoul Reader—

  2. I thought at least your chest, biceps and shoulders have some muscles. 4 pack abs. Just press on! Just not defined enough. Weight training will help.

    10km in 54 mins! Wow! I only complete 8km in 1 hour 45 mins! But it was my first time…

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