iPhone rumors and other updates

ok … i know my blog here is of few words, and more visually focused. on top of that, although it is called mac man for men, i hardly post about mac stuff although i am a mac fan boy i have to admit.  well, let me do some updates here. 

 iPhone rumors.

  1.  3G is almost definitely coming out this year.  most the rumors have it as being announced in june and may be up to sep before being in stores.
  2. rumors of both 3G in australia and singapore.  australia might even have it without being tied to one carrier.
  3. 3 models, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb from US399 to US599.  (just nice the SGD is strengthening against the green bucks)
  4. it might actually be 3.5G.
  5. GPS could be built in.  hint of altitude info in the SDK.
  6. thinner that current model.
  7. SDK also hinted bluetooth AD2P (my most waited missing feature).

 macbook rumours

  1.  rumors have it that the macbook is going alu.  no more white and black plastics.  i bet it will also be thinner.
  2. casing redesign for macbook and macbook pro to be more inline with the iMac and macbook air design.
  3. while there are rumors of a full multi touch pad instead of a keyboard, i think the design it too advance for mass market for now.

macbook air updates

  1.  very happy with my air lately.  besides having installed coolbook controller, i think the latest most significant improvement was seen with the firmware update from apple.  the air seems cooler and i have not experienced and hanging and freezing recently.  although a bit slow but i can almost entirely use only the air without touching my pro now.
  2. some stuff like ripping dvd and converting movies into iphone format is still much faster on the pro.  the pro having 4gb also makes it much faster on parallels when i do my work that involves database programming.
  3. finally i am beginning to see cases for the air and accessories. got the wrist protector and the casing guard.  still not found a nice casing yet.  saw one but wasnt sure if i needed it.  kind of broke this month as well. 14 more days to pay day.

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