that elusive abs

I have been on a diet and exercise regime the last 3 weeks and by the weighing machine, it was rather successful.  I managed to lose about 6kg over the 3 weeks and i am down from a high of 82kg to a low of 74kg. My body fat percentage went from 22% to about 20%.

However, when i look at my tummy, and the sides, the spare tyre is still there. No abs yet. No where near the gay ideal bod.

Nevertheless i should be motivated by my success and also how much more i have to go, and carry on. Besides adding cardio to my exercise, i should start weights more soon.



4 thoughts on “that elusive abs”

  1. Some people swear by a topical cream. You apply it before your workout to maximize the benefits; that is, you apply it to your target problem areas (midsection) where you want to lose inches.

    I have tried it but do not use it regularly so I cannot vouch for it.

  2. Hi! I want to encourage you on your goal of achieving 6, if not 8, abs. I got my 8 abs in 6 years, so cut yourself some slack! I researched a lot on the best exercises and I believe leg raises were the best. But you must do so consistently! Everyday or every other day at worst. Never be complacent and think that it’s just one day. In fact, that one day can “make or break” your dream! That being said, I do have a rather small tummy before I started out my 6 year training, and even so my 8 abs are not like those in the pictures you have. You must also bear in mind that these people look good with big pecs (chest), biceps and forearms but with abs alone, it’s also not that bad! Never give up!

  3. Go for it! If you don’t give up, you will sooner or later get it! Find a friend and workout together! It’ll be better!

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