sunday hot bod

20, Full-time NS man
Height: 1.70m
Exercise regimen: I hit the gym twice a week. I indulge in weight-training to build up muscle mass in my shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps. To maintain cardio-fitness, I jog twice a week and swim whenever I can. My favourite swimming places include the pristine waters of Tioman and Sentosa. I also do canoeing whenever I can. Some of my favourite sports include soccer and basketball, which I play with my friends and family on weekends. I plan to take up an active co-curricular activity when I enter NUS next year.Diet: I do not restrict myself to certain types of food. But I try to consume those high in carbohydrates, nutrients and proteins, which are present in food like fish, beef and chicken. I also eat three meals a day. I try to avoid deep-fried foods and drink lots of water to keep healthy and hydrated.

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