inspire me … i need to get my butt off the bed

is the weekend … work … exercise … diet and be happy.
spent much of this morning playing with my iphone. no not playing games on my iphone but …. installing a webserver on it.

tried apache and lighttpd. finally got lightttpd working as well as php.
kind of cool. managed to add CSS to the directory list so that it looks iphone-ish when no default file is present.

now i can just copy pdf and htm or even doc and excel files to my iphone and be able to get safari to view it. in addition, since it can now run php that opens new frontier for web applications.

as part of my moonlighting job i do php web applications for companies be it as ERP system or for attendance monitoring. if i can get php to run off the iphone i can do it to be offline application that can access the server to download data and store in iphone. missing link is to get the sqlite setting in the iphone.

will end up spending more time on this if i actually try to do it. time which i do not have since i have an exam coming fri, have a play today and need to exercise to get ready for my 15km run in jun.

not to mention my room is always like in a mess. hmmmmmm. well at least i have a nice pic to look at.


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