Lion, Chrome, Netflix trick

Mac OS X Lion, multiple monitors and Chrome.

Lion full screen app does not allow you to make use of multiple monitors. When you bring Safari into full screen mode you can only use the main monitor and the secondary monitor is virtually useless. However, if you use Chrome, and click on the same Lion fullscreen mode icon, it actually goes into fullscreen in the current monitor on the current desktop. It does not create another desktop for the fullscreen mode. This way you get to have full screen browser and still have a secondary monitor to use. This makes it perfect for watching netflix in fullscreen on one of your monitor as you work on another.

Netflix in Asia

To watch Netflix outside of US you will need a VPN service. I tried both ExpressVPN and StrongVPN. StrongVPN seems to be more common but it is not flexible. I did not do very extensive testing on StrongVPN as my main purpose originally was to get it to be configured into my router. But i was not successful even after wasting the whole saturday on it. As the VPN service does reduces the speed of transfer, thus making it slow for watching streaming videos on netflix, i did find that netflix only verify the IP address location during the start of the video. Thus, while it is buffering, once i disconnect the VPN, it will stream much faster and i will be able to watch without interruption.  It also means i can continue to work on the Internet at local speed. Back to enjoying my Kyle XY.


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