iOS5 beta now?

As a registered developer, i have access to the iOS5 beta now. I have it on my iPad 2 already simply because i cannot jailbreak it. However, i have JB my appleTV and my iPhone4. iPhone4 iOS5 beta 1 is already jailbroken however it is a tethered one. I think the chances of having to reboot my iPhone that is running on a beta os is very high and so i am not keen to do it.

But there are so many new features in iOS5, it really is tempting. One of the feature i am so hoping to test out is the airplay mirroring of the iPad2 to appleTV. But with my JB appleTV i get to play so many more videos directly on my TV.

Then there is Lion ….. just cant wait.

3 thoughts on “iOS5 beta now?”

  1. hi there, how do you become a registered developer for apple.
    by the way, i really like your blog, not just for the men but for the latest in technology from apple.

    best regards.


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