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i have always loved reading romance novels. often skipping to the sex portion.  but i also love the setup of the story, how the strong heroine sir-cum  to the strong alpha male’s sexual powers.  then of my taste started to move a little into the wild side and enjoy reading a bit of BDSM mixed with love kind of stories.  while has always been a trusty source of stories, it doesnt have many straight ones. i do enjoy reading how the girl submits. of course imaging myself as the girl.  anycase i found this website selling ebooks. romance erotica sort. and it has a large collection of BDSM type of stories. not the strong mindless BDSM, but the controlled romantic type.

below are just some of the book covers. they are all ebooks that can be bought for about $5 USD and downloaded into your computer. i put them on my iphone so that i can read them when i travel. but i am not going to provide you with the link. instead, to encourage comments on my blog, i will only email to those who leave a comment here to let me know what kind of books they love to read.

2 thoughts on “new favorite website”

  1. Some of those covers are gorgeous… do the stories live up to the artwork? BDSM mixed with a little dark fantasy…mmmm :)

  2. depends on expectation. as they are ebooks, usually about the length of 60 pages. and they are stories. contain erotic sex but some only one scene some more. it is the whole setting of the stories that is a turn on sometimes. is nice for me … who fantasize often or for girls. i noticed i have a few female readers.

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