traveling again tonight

am flying to manila tonight for 6 days.  am on official leave from my full time job, and my part time job is a bit lighter.  but unfortunately, i am not feeling too well the last few days.  hope it wont be too much of a bummer for the trip.

will try to make this trip with my macbook air and really see if it is worth its weight (3 grand 3 pound).

and to help me past my time on traveling … i bought the latest ipod game scrabble. it has been rather fun. either my vocabulary has improved, or i just never realized how fun it is. spelling used to be my worst test in school and hated the game cause i could never beat my siblings who are all about a decade older than me. i guess it is another sign of growing old.

well as usual, a nice pic to pick me up for the day. hope it does it for your guys and gals too.

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