22, NUS student

Height: 1.78m Weight: 67kg
Exercise regimen: 
Instead of just visiting the gym, I try to diversify and engage in other activities such as rock-climbing and basketball. I also participate in endurance sports such as the biathlon. To build up my cardio-fitness, I run and swim at least three times a week. The runs consist of sprints and slow jogs, while the swims vary between 1km and 2km each time. When I visit the gym, which is three times a week, it’s for muscle-building. I focus on individual muscle groups such as shoulders, chest and biceps.
I do not really adhere to a strict diet unless my exercise intensity drops. For instance, when examinations are near, it’s inevitable that I will neglect my body. Therefore, I’ll make an effort to watch my diet. On the whole, I try to avoid deep-fried food and I drink lots of water.


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