Ever since MacBreak Weekly has been sponsored by Drobo (www.drobo.com) i have been lusting for one. I finally bought one in HK yesterday. I got the drobo fs which is a 5 bay NAS. It is about 2 to 3 times the price of other brands on the market but i strongly believe it is worth it. The 2 main features of this system that makes it worth its price are:

1. BeyondRaid. It has a technology that takes care of RAID for you so you do not have to decide, compromise or worry about how to set up the HDDs to have good protection and maximum capacity.

2. The Drobo is the only multiple bays hard disk array that allows you to insert HDDs of any capacity, model, size and speed.What this mean is that i can start off with 2 x 1TB HDDs. When needed, i just insert a 2TB when the price is cheaper and it just automatically adds the capacity without me needing to do anything! In addition, when all the bays are full and HDD capacity has gone up, i can just remove the smallest capacity HDD and insert a new higher capacity HDD and all my data will still be there and my total capacity increased! This is like the coolest technology out there for disk array and is worth every penny. It is basically future proof as you can just keep adding capacity and no need for me to manually move the data or manage the volume.

The other cool feature is that it has a DroboApps feature that allows third party apps to be installed an run on it, almost just like a server. Some example of apps include apache and bittorrent client. It also has all the other common features like DroboCopy, hot swap, shares and accounts setup etc.

Now i just have to decide how i am going to transport it back to Sg with me.

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