digi skin

in a day of extreme spending … to cap it all up, while in Cathay building waiting to watch 10,000 BC (which wasnt as bad as review), i decided to give my iPhone a skin since i lost my cover in a taxi just that morning.

i always felt that i needed to protect the back of the phone from scratches as the glass is pretty hard.  have always resisted the skin carts around the shopping centers.but when i came across this shop that specialises only in doing the skins using some vacuum techonology and also allow you to custom design the skin, i finially took the plunge.

after much thot, i finally decided to go for the all black matt look. told the shop to replicate the information on the back. overall effect is not that bad. but because they were not able to align the printed logo exactly over the actual logo, there is a bit of texture that is out. kind of like a shadow. in addition due to the resolution of the printer, the IMEI numbers and other small words were not able to read clearly. but i guess for a first try is not so bad.

i foresee myself going back to try different skin every few months. cool thing is i can customise the design (did you notice my name under iPhone) and it is now thin as original and i do not have to worry about scratches (except dents if i drop it)


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