price of a hot bod


Age: 23

Height: 1.8m

Weight: 70kg

Exercise regimen: I do 300 push-ups, 80 crunches and 80 leg raises every day. Another staple is the pull-up, which I do twice a week – five sets of 12 repetitions each time. These exercises target my chest, abs, back, arms and shoulders. I do not work out in the gym. Swimming is my favourite sport. It works every part of the body. I swim 3.5km in an hour twice a week.

Diet: I consume just enough carbohydrates as I prefer to remain lean. That means no fried and fatty food. I eat lots of vegetables for their fibre content. My protein sources are milk, chicken breast and egg whites. I take wheat biscuit with milk for breakfast and supper. For drinks, I take plain water or green tea.

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