Imran Khan … i hate LUV storys

Watched the bollywood movie “I hate LUV storys” (i think is spelled like that) on my way back in the SIA flight. Was mesmerised by Imran Khan, the male lead. Boyish, fun, and boy does that smile light up the small screen on the plane.

click below to view enlarge the view.

4 thoughts on “Imran Khan … i hate LUV storys”

  1. tum pury gandu hu ..madarchoud
    lagta hai timay gad marwany mein maza ata hai gandu saly.
    Waisy tayre gaad hai hi cheknee ke marny mein maza ay ga

  2. Oh thats okey. I also hate love stories… And i know there are many of us around the globe…

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