Macbook Air 11″

Saw the Macbook Air 11″ yesterday. It is really quite a tempting device. But i already have a very powerful Macbook Pro, iPhone4 and iPad. What do i need an Air for?

2 thoughts on “Macbook Air 11″”

  1. need? Since when did “need” ever matter to you on a gadget purchase? :-)

    I was at Apple store today and saw it. It’s cute.. finally, an Apple NetBook. A bit heavier than an iPad, but more capable. Between the two, it’s a tough call. But you’re already invested in the iPad. I’d say no need to rush. You’re not going to want to carry both the MBA and the iPad, that would negate the weight advantage.

  2. Yeah i dont think i need it. It belongs to a parallel setup. Example if i have a Mac Pro, Mac Mini or iMac at home, and just need a Macbook Air for travel. One thing the Air does not have is the multi touch screen and apps. While i totally agree with Steve that i dont want to be reaching out to touch a vertical screen, but the multi touch screen interface and specially designed apps on the ipad does open a whole new world of experience. So at the moment i think i will stick with the ipad

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