impressed with apple’s delivery

i just ordered the superdrive for my macbook air today while at work.  it says 2 to 3 days delivery.  so imagine my surprised when i reached home at 9pm and see a box sitting on the table.  my superdrive!  the unboxing of the superdrive was an even more impressive experienced as compared to the macbook air itself.  it is super sleek and the box is just … what can i say …. apple designed.  now … the only reason why i didnt order the Time Capsule was due to the long delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks.  wonder if i should …. 

a quick review. no buttons just a slab of aluminum. it will not work on any other PC or mac because it uses a special USB port that draws enough power from the special MBA usb port. i tried it on my usb hub or a powered hub also does not work. as it has only one usb port, that means i cannot directly rip from dvd to my external drive or to write data from my external drive into the dvd.

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