recovering a few hours a day with digital cleansing

I have started on a digital cleansing of my lifestyle and it is helping me recover 2 hrs a day as well as a much needed peace of mind. This is all thanks to the 4-hour work week audio book from Timothy Ferriss.

Steps i have taken:

  1. Turn off all email push notification. I used to get stressed and irritated when i hear the phone vibrate or beep as it receives emails. It often disrupted my sleep or movie watching. I am learning to resist checking my email every 10 mins and with push notification off, i just check my emails once or twice a day at home. At work i have email on all the time as i work on that like task list. But with push notification off, i dont stress over emails outside of work hours.
  2. Remove most news and tech blogs from my google reader list. I used to have a few hundreds of unread articles a day in my reader list. Many of the news and tech blogs also repeat the same evens. Example 80% of my unread articles this morning is on Microsoft revealing a whole array of Windows Mobile 7 phones. One is enough. I have pared down rss feed to a minimum by selecting only 2 to 3 tech blog sites and removing all news feed. Will manually check the news if i need.
  3. Unsubscribe from podcasts. I used to have a lot of podcasts from news to tech podcasts. A lot of them get downloaded but never had time to listen to. For tech podcasts, a lot of them are also repeating the same news. Have decided to unsubscribe from them, may be save 1 or 2.

Now i feel i have recovered at least 2 hrs a day and i feel lighter mentally. But it is important to fill up that recovered time and one of the thing i have always put off on doing with the excuse of no time is exercise. Thus the goal is to lighten my digital information load and channel the freed up time to regular exercise. Let’s see how it goes and how long i can sustain it. ¬†Will need the below inspiration to keep me going.

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  1. hope that works for you. And just want to let you know that I like the guy with the CK briefs. can you send him over to my place? haha

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