To buy or not to buy …. iPad

One of my blog readers asked why did I give in and get an iPad now. Below are my thoughts about whether now is the right time to buy an iPad.

Apple seldom release anything after sep event . But Jobs usually end with something like “this is our holiday lineup”, he didn’t say that this time round. In addition the delayed release of iOS 4.2 specially for iPad and the fact that developers are not even given a glimpse of it yet does go to suggest a possible new hardware in nov with the release of the new os. Now that 4.1 is live, we will see how late apple releases the 4.2 to developers. The later the higher chance of them keeping some secret.

Having said that, it is also logistic nightmare for apple to be that close to the Christmas season to release a new product. So at this stage I will say it is a 50-50 chance but growing towards new hw the longer they delay developer preview. So if you are not in a hurry, wait another month or two.

As for my final breakdown, that was because

1. I was having a not so good day in office and decided to give myself a real belated birthday gift. (android smart pad does not count as it is paperweight now)

2. As an IT gadget guy, my reputation was starting to get tarnished when asked about the iPad and I was not able to give a more passionate answer.

3. I wasn’t impressed with my mum’s iPad as I wasn’t able to do a lot with it without confusing her. Like the iPhone, the iPad is a personal device that requires personal configuration and attention. Apps built on it’s very good but basic foundation are the reasons why it works so well. I only started to appreciate it when I installed apps and have my data synchronised on it.

4. My weakness has always been a very early adopter when I can afford it. I was doom to fail when I started this delayed gratification endeavour. Normally I would have paid a lot more to get the iPad before it is officially on sale in Asia like what i did for my mum. Given that I managed to hold it off and got one at official apple price for myself, I think I have succeeded a bit in delaying my gratification.

5. The last break to the dam was Jobs not announcing anything in the sep event. I can wait till nov but by then if there is no new hw, it will be almost half way through the life cycle of the iPad’s annual refresh (likely case).

6. In any case, likelihood of me selling and upgrading if there is indeed new hw is high.

So I am not the average user. You have to decide for yourself. If you are the kind that needs the newest all the time, no point waiting. If you are the kind that is still holding an iPhone 3G then wait till nov, if still no new hw go and buy it, with the knowledge that a few months later in 2011 apple will announce the new version for sure. But it should not matter to you then.

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3 thoughts on “To buy or not to buy …. iPad”

  1. Most helpful, thank you. You are an accomplished between-the-lines reader.

    Do you think there might be a way around the lack of a USB port? Perhaps some sort of an adapter which would use the existing iPad-to-Mac connector?

    — Jon

  2. Depends what you want the USB for. Apple does sell an adaptor for the iPad to connect to camera as well as to import photos from SD card.

  3. The 4.2 beta is out for iPad and news have it that the previously unknown device in the OS is Apple.Tv. Seems less and less likely of a hardware coming out this year.

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