Overboard with iPad apps

Being buying and testing so many iPad apps, I think it is buying a hole in my bank account.

Just trying a random post here with the blogpress app.

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2 thoughts on “Overboard with iPad apps”

  1. Greetings:

    Just curious — you have written earlier that you’d rather wait till the end of the year for a possible hardware upgrade of iPad (and thanked your purchase of an iPad for your mother for the opportunity to play a bit with the gadget.) What made you change your mind? I’m posing the question because I have the same misgivings: dying to own one, yet awaiting the addition of cameras and — dare I hope — a USB port.

    Fresh rumors have it that a new iPad might be released as soon as the end of November.

    Love your Blog.

    — Jon

  2. Firstly let me thank you for reading my blog and commenting.
    As I started to reply I realize my answer was pert long. So will reply in a post instead.

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