Concept Idea for Special Edition iPhone Air

I was reading an article on how apple is designing an iPhone with fewer holes by combining the headset jack and the microphone hole. The advantages of having less holes on the iPhone is obvious: less dust and less water seepage. But then i was thinking why not go all the way and make an air tight water proof iPhone.

  • Remove all headset and microphone holes and use only bluetooth for audio.
  • Remove speaker grilles so no speaker on the iPhone. It can vibrate to indicate incoming call and LED light but will not ring. Instead have the bluetooth headset come with a built in small speaker to beeps.
  • Connector for syncing can be replace with wifi and 3G syncing.
  • Charging can be by conductive charging like the Palm Pre Stone. Similar to how electric toothbrush charges
  • Buttons can be redesigned to be external physical buttons pressing on membrane button underneath. Thus the internal device is completely sealed off.
  • Have 2 specially designed bluetooth headset. One that is not waterproof, is smaller and more executive looking with a tiny speaker that emits beeps to indicate incoming calls and another bigger stereo waterproof headset for exercise and even swimming use.
  • The Touch Dock for charging can also come with speaker and mic for conference calls on the desk.

Technologically there is nothing above that is not doable. Is a matter of putting it all into a package. May not be for everyone, thus a Special Edition iPhone Air for those willing to pay a premium for it.

Would you like a phone like this?

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