my iPhone4 review


  • It’s use as a phone for answering and making calls is at most 70% reliable. But this is not restricted to just iPhone4 and i would give the same rating to the other iphones as well. I have encountered times where the phone ring and i just cannot slide to answer, the phone ring and go straight to missed calls and low signal problems. I dont have drop calls that much except may be inside the elevator. Am not sure if any of the issues are related to me jailbreaking the phone. I can live with this issue because voice calls are not that important and frequent for me. SMS and apps (data connection) is what is more important to me in a smartphone now. So if you are very dependent on voice calls and need it to be 99% reliable, you will be frustrated with the iPhone.
  • Other minor annoyances are like the lack of a button for taking photo, no widget home screen like android where i can have instant access to weather, large clock and notifications. The notifications can be annoying if you have a lot of it and it can definitely be improved. Bluetooth audio do sometimes get choppy but usually a reboot of the device solves the problem. I have also read and experienced only once, difficulty switching back to music audio after answering a phone call on bluetooth audio. But that shows how infrequent i have voice calls.

Attention to Details

The reason i still love the iphone as compared to other phones like Android is Apple’s attention to details. I have not used any Android phones yet although i have an Android 1.5 7″ tablet that is using the same phone OS. Small attention to details make a lot of difference in the overall feel of the experience. It is fluid and intuitive. An example is the bounce when you hit the end of a list, the accelerated spin when you flip the spin wheel faster and the simplicity of the OS does takes away some hassle especially memory management. Many criticizes Apple for not putting in true multi-tasking. But if you have tried Android’s memory manager or previous Windows Phone with memory issues or even Symbiam, you will appreciate how you dont have to bother with any of it on the iPhone. As mine is jailbroken, i do have a memory monitor on my status bar and i can see when the iphone automatically clears the memory and closes open apps but it does not affect the use of the phone much simply because there is no true multitasking in the first place.

I have thought of and considered switching to other phones to validate if i am really stuck on iphone. I still hold a blackberry simply because it is the cheapest way to roam. Nevertheless i think the iPhone is a convenient all in one, connected PDA to me. Camera, phone, SMS, internet, social and gaming platform. It is not perfect and i have not tried a single smartphone that doesnt hang on me or require reboot occasionally. But so far i must say i am patient with its flaws and loving its strength just like i would my boyfriend.

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